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What's Included


  • 16 trades math tests
  • 9 diagrammatic reasoning tests 
  • 9 table and graphs tests
  • 8 mechanical reasoning tests 
  • 3 English comprehension tests 
  • 3 reading measures tests
  • 2 following instructions tests 
  • 1 spatial aptitude test 
  • 5 numerical study guides
  • 1 mechanical reasoning study guide 


JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the PSEG SCPD exam as our PrepPack covers the following topics, which are seen on the real exam:

  • Tables and graphs
  • Reading measurements
  • Logical reasoning
  • Spatial reasoning and aptitude
  • Diagrammatic reasoning
  • English comprehension

Start practicing for the SCPD today with JobTestPrep to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for the real exam! 

PSEG Systems Operator/Power Dispatch (SC/PD)

The SCPD is used to assess candidates who are pursuing the following careers: electric system operator and apprentice service dispatcher. By assessing a variety of systems operator and power dispatcher skills, employers can gain a better understanding of your skill set, experience, and strengths that may not come across during an interview. 

Start practicing today to ensure your success on the PSEG SCPD! By practicing today, you will increase your chances of doing well on the SCPD, which can make the difference between moving forward in the hiring process or not. 

PSEG Interview

PSEG recommends that before your PSEG interview, you should:

  • Become familiar with their company, the job description, and prepare any questions you may have.
  • Review your background and experience, consider the reasons why you're after this specific job and company, assess your career goals. 
  • Arrive prepared, expect interviews, bring your resume, arrive early, dress appropriately, and practice ahead of time. 

During your PSEG interview, you should: 

  • Expect to encounter behavioral formatted questions and be sure to answer questions using the STAR format
  • Ask about the job position's daily responsibilities, inquire about the leadership and management styles, ask about growth opportunities, and ask for your interviewer's contact information. 

After the interview, you should:

  • Be patient as the hiring and selection process can take several weeks to complete.

Prepare for the PSEG SC/PD

The SCPD exam is an extensive and comprehensive assessment so it's important to prepare for it to ensure that you do well. Luckily, JobTestPrep's PrepPack™ include practice tests and drills, test information and detailed answer explanations, study guides, user-friendly score reports, and more. Start preparing today to ensure your success!

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