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What's Included

  • Six Address Checking practice drills
  • Two Form Completion practice drills
  • Five Coding practice drills
  • Five Memory practice drills
  • Personality test with a complete breakdown of the ideal clerical profile
  • USPS study guide – learn how to solve questions quickly and accurately
  • Secured payment
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep




The Postal Exam 473, also known as the Entry-Level Battery 473, has two different formats. The Postal Exam 473 comes in pencil and paper or electronic form. Both tests contain four sections:

Each part of the exam is to test the various skills that are required to be an employee of the Postal Service.

Part A- Address Checking

This section is of the Entry-Level Battery 473 tests your ability to determine whether two addresses are the same along with your speed and accuracy. You will have 11 minutes to complete 60 items. Scores depend on how many items have been accurately compared in the limited amount of time given. However, note that there is a penalty for wrong answers (final score = total amount of correct answers minus one-third of incorrect) so there is no advantage here at making random guesses.

Part B- Form Completion

The Form Completion section of the exam tests your ability to identify information needed to complete forms similar to those used by the Postal Service along with your ability to identify information to correctly completing forms. You will have 15 minutes to complete 30 items. Each featured form on the exam is different and requires different information in each of its sections; this part of the test requires high concentration and perceiving skills. Contrary to the Address Checking Test, Part B has no penalty for marking incorrect answers and therefore it may be at the candidate’s advantage to guess if the answer is unclear.

Part C- Coding & Memory

This part of the Postal Battery Exam contains two separate but similar sections that are viewed as the more difficult parts of Test 473:

  • Section C1- Coding: The coding section consists of 36 items with a 6 minute time limit. You are given a coding guide that is available during this test section and must identify and assign the correct code for each item.
  • Section C2- Memory: The memory exam consists of the same 36 items but here the coding guide is not available. You must assign codes based on your memory of the item codes from the previous section. There are 7 minutes given to complete this section. Note that, like in Part A, there is a one-third penalty for incorrect answers for both the coding and memory exams.

*Remember that for Parts A-C you are not expected to answer all the items and questions in the given time but produce as many correct answers as possible.

Part D- Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory

This section contains 236 items to be answered in 90 minutes. This test measures how well you may perform effectively as a Postal Service employee. The assessment questions call for honest and straightforward responses- distorted or inaccurate self-depictions make result in a lower exam grade. The personal inventory is basically a personality test- learn more about taking and passing personality tests.

Prepare for the Entry Level Battery 473 Exam

Preparing for the Entry Level Battery 473 Exam is important for your success on the exam. We provide test structure so that you are familiar with the exam before you start practicing. Try our Postal Service Exam Packs to ensure a passing score on the exam.

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