Citibank Personal Banker Assessment Test Format

The personal banker pre-employment test is an online, multiple choice exam. The test is comprised of four different sections.

The first two sections of the test are not timed and you can therefore take your time and think about your answers. The last two sections are indeed timed, and require accurate and diligent work. Overall, the test should take you roughly 45 minutes, so be prepared ahead of time to take the time to take the exam correctly.

Work Related Scenarios

The work related questions section of the Citibank assessment test relates to how you would react to scenarios as a personal banker at Citibank. These questions are generally referred to as situational judgment questions . While these questions may seem easy because they have no time constraint, they can be difficult and are very important. In order to better understand who you are, be assured that Citibank takes these questions seriously.

Working Style

The Citibank Working Style questions are a personality test questions . Citibank and their recruiters would like to check that you have the personality profile that fits a Citi personal banker.

Verbal and Numerical Ability

The bread and butter of every Citibank banker, as well as all personal banker assessment tests are your verbal and numerical skills. In this section you may be asked basic math questions, as well as more advanced statistics questions. With regards to the verbal part of the section, you will be given passages and your reading comprehension will be test. This section has a 15 minute time limit, so your must understand the questions and answer in a precise manner.

Clerical Aptitudes

The clerical aptitude section of your Citibank personal banker assessment test checks your attention to detail. For each question you have 60 seconds. You will be shown a code, names, or addresses, both an original and a copy. You will need to notice if there might be a difference between the original and copy in the slightest form. As you will be dealing with a lot of information, copies and so forth it is essential to banking that you will spot the differences.

Prepare for the Citibank Assessment

Preparation is the key to success. With JobTestPrep’s personal banker sample tests and practice questions you will understand and learn the correct way to answer all the sections that are mentioned above for the test. You will be get your personality profile, SJT questions, numerical questions, reading comprehension and checking accuracy questions. JobTestPrep’s Citibank Personal Banker Assessment Test preparation package will supply you with study guides and detailed explanations that take everything one step further, in order to ensure that you really learn and understand the subjects.

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