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JobTestPrep's exclusive PrepPack™ includes 17 mathematical tests. The examinations include basic math and numerical drills that are broken down into facts, figures, graphics, word problems, and more. As a bonus, we include an array of 13 study guides along with video tutorials to help you feel up to snuff. Good luck!

Why Purchase this Product?

In the growing sophistication of the job market, employers must become more crafty with the hiring process. Thus, seasoned job candidates find themselves not being hired for a position that they may even be considered overqualified for. Don't become part of this statistic, start practicing instantaneous. By eliminating the element of surprise, not only will your stress level decrease, but your chances of success increase by 73%. Join forces with JobTestPrep today!


What's Included

  • 3 full-length Pearson-style numerical reasoning practice tests 
  • 6 additional mathematical drills
  • 8 additional basic math drills
  • 13 study guides and video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions

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