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About PCL Construction-Style PrepPacks™

PCL Construction's recruitment process is challenging, but with through practice, you can enhance your abilities and increase chances of being selected to work there. Start the training now with JobTestPrep aptitude materials and interview practice and come confidant to the hiring process. 

PCL Construction Personality Tests

When taking a personality test, your score report may not always reflect your true personality. Remember that a job personality test shows your work persona. The test is not about uncovering personas that are revealed in family life or other contexts.

PCL Construction Abstract Reasoning

Abstract reasoning considered an intelligent test, used vastly in different types of companies and organizations. The Figural Series is a visual test with no words, introducing a series of shapes with patterns you must solve using abstract thinking abilities. You are introduced with a series of figures, and you must find the correct answer that completes the series. The frames progress from left to right in a certain way. You must try to anticipate the next shape in the sequence from the options listed.

PCL Construction Mathematical Reasoning Tests

Mathematical Reasoning tests usually estimate your arithmetic abilities that most likely you haven’t practic in years. Our exercise materials consist of answers and clarifications to make sure you are fully prepared for test day. Using our PrepPacks™ facilitate a great base in your abilities level that will allow you to really get to grips with any type of question that may come up.


Prepare for the PCL Construction Industry Tests

Heighten your chances of getting the job you want by preparing with JobTestPrep. We provide job-seekers with the materials necessary to successfully excel throughout the recruitment process. Join us today and gain access to our exclusive practice tests, study guides, interview preparation, and more.

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PCL Construction Hiring Process and Interview Tips

While preparing for PCL Construction hiring process and interview, pay attention to the valuable following tips:

  • Some the face to face interview may be held in an unofficial location such as restuarent in a dinner.
  •  After passing the personal interview you may be required to take a drug test and backround check. 

PCL Interview Questions

Previous applicant for PCL Constructions were asked the following questions:

  • Please describe to me a situation in which you encounter a problem in your work or personal life and how did you solve this problem.
  • Would you possitivaly consider relocation
  • What would your firneds\co-workers\managers describe as your greatest weakness?
  •  Where do you see youself in about 5 years from now?

How many scenarios can I expect to encounter in my PCL Construction SJT?

It is reasonable to assum you'll find between 25 – 50 scenarios on any given SJT. The scenarios situations are frequently engaging and challenging. After you are intreduced with a scenario you will then have to either find the most (or least) appropiate response to the scenario or rank/rate the responses in order of how effective each offered respond.

Will I be able to use a calculator on the Numerical Test?

Some tests enable the use of a calculator but not necceseraly give you one, so you will have to bring your own. Yet, most arithmetic tests do not allow a calculator, but will provide scratch paper, so you may want to write your canculations during the math section without a calculator.

What is the PCL Construction's Face to Face Interview?

Most interviews consist of skills-based questions, but some consist of job-related questions, maths problems, or riddles. You can also expect to be asked about your CV and your motivation regarding working in PCL Construction. To assist you to come ready for every step in the hiring process, we have developed a comperhensive preparation pack with various resources. The pack features an interview guide written by our experianced psychologists. This guide covers various aspects of interviews and offers valuable tips. It describes, among other things, competency-based questions and how to use the STAR method when asked them. It also includes advices on how to answer common interview questions. Going over these conventions and reading the guide can help you prepare for your interviews.


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