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Preparation for the Patterson Dental Hiring Process

Patterson Companies, Inc. is a wholesale distributor in the dental and animal health markets. Founded in 1877, Patterson Dental is one of North America’s biggest distributors of dental merchandise, offering a variety of products, software, technology solutions and services. Whether candidates are experienced professionals or just beginning a career, they offer a wide range of job opportunities.

Depending upon the specific job you apply for, the employment process may be different. The general Patterson Dental recruitment process is listed below:

Application: To be considered for a job opening, applicants must first submit their information online by creating a profile. Once job seekers have sent in their application they will receive an email confirmation indicating that it has been received and is being reviewed.

Telephone Interview: Next, a Patterson representative may contact candidates for a screening interview over the phone. During this phone conversation, the representative is likely to ask about candidates’ work experience, skills, goals and interests.

In-Person Interview: The highest qualified candidates will be chosen for the initial interview stage. These applicants will be invited to one or more interviews with the hiring manager and potentially other employers. Interviews will often be behavioral-based, and will consist of questions regarding how one behaves in certain types of situations.

Tests: The psychometric testing stage includes certain Patterson Dental assessment tests to help the company predict one’s success in the desired position. The Patterson Dental test process is designed to match the right candidates to the right jobs by evaluating their skills, knowledge, attitudes and capabilities.


The Patterson Dental CEB’s SHL Test Process

Patterson Dental assessment tests may be distributed for certain roles, such as sales representative, branch manager, operations manager, technology advisor and service technician positions. Applicants may be also required to take an online or web-based aptitude test. CEB's SHL exams are often given to measure one’s mathematical, verbal, inductive, and deductive reasoning capabilities. The logical exams measure applicants’ rational thinking skills, and verbal tests measure how candidates reply to questions using written passages.

The mathematical exams display one’s arithmetic skills with the information they are given. CEB’s SHL assessments also consist of the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and the Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32). The SJT exam implements a test-takers’ replies to assess their behavioral predispositions based on how they have reacted to work-related scenarios. The OPQ32 is a questionnaire which emphasizes one’s positive traits and displays where candidates are a good fit for the job. A Microsoft Excel test may also be administered to assess one’s technical knowledge of the platform.

Start Practicing for CEB’s SHL Tests and the Patterson Dental interview process with JobTestPrep.

Patterson Dental Interview Questions

For the interview process, it is crucial that you do your research before your first interview by reading up on Patterson Companies, Inc. and understanding their values. Be sure that you have thought of your goals, interests, and why you are interested in the career. Come prepared and organized with your CV and other references. During the interview itself, it will help to be specific with your answers and give a detailed explanation of your actions and experiences. It’s advised to ask your own questions and show your involvement in the company’s values.

Below are examples of Patterson Dental interview questions:

  • Why did you choose Patterson Dental?
  • What attributes do you possess that makes you fit for the position?
  • Describe a work experience in which you demonstrated attention to detail.
  • What is your 5-year plan?
Patterson Companies Subsidiaries
Intra Corp Patterson Logistics Services Inc. Accu-Bite, Inc. National Veterinary Services Limited
Patternson Medical Supply Inc. Physio-Med Services Columbus Serum Co. Dental Supply Co.


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