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What's Included

  • 24 Number sense and basic algebra drills
  • 15 Reading comprehension
  • 14 Data analysis
  • 14 Writing skills
  • 5 Geometry and measurements


JobTestPrep prepares you for the ParaPro Assessment with practices tests and drills. The ParaPro Assessment PrepPack™ includes basic algrebra, geometry, data analysis, reading comprehension and more.

What Is the ParaPro Assessment?

Over 50 million ParaPro Assessments are administered each year. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) created the ParaPro Assessment to test paraprofessional educators. Its aim is to assess competencies required for the supporting classroom role of paraprofessionals.

This assessment covers the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic. You can expect to see a test that is limited to the basics of each topic. Those basics are thoroughly reviewed in the JobTestPrep practice test, in-depth assessment info, and ParaPro exam tips. Thorough preparation will enhance your score on any test, especially the fundamental skills in the ParaPro Assessment.

Joining the growing ranks of paraprofessional educators is an important career step. Teacher’s aides and assistants are certified through the ParaPro Assessment.

ParaPro Assessment Format

The exam takes 2.5 hours and contains 90 multiple-choice questions. The two possible formats are a computer or paper-based exam. A threshold passing score is individually determined by each state, in conjunction with ETS.

You can take a computer-based test throughout the year at any school district that participates in the administration of the ParaPro Assessment. In contrast, paper & pencil tests are administered only four times per year at specific testing centers. It is necessary to register early for this paper-based Assessment in order to be assigned a convenient location.

If English is your second language, you can select the Primary Language Not English (PLNE) option to increase your testing timeframe by 50%. For those whose religion prohibits a weekend test, Monday may be selected as the exam day.

Test Content

In the ParaPro Assessment you will find three basic content topics. These three areas are the fundamentals of reading, mathematics and writing, which make up 60% of the test. The remaining questions concern your aptitude to utilize these fundamental skills in a classroom setting.

Here is the general content that you will encounter in each fundamental knowledge section of the test, each containing 18 questions:

  1. Reading knowledge covers reading comprehension and interpretation of simple graphs and charts
  2. Mathematics knowledge involves easy math questions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions, shapes, and basic formulas such as the perimeter of a rectangle
  3. Writing knowledge consists of grammar, summary outlines, parts of speech, and spelling.

The application sections concern your capacity to support students in fulfilling their classroom assignments. In each of the 3 Application sections there are 12 questions.

Test Tips

  • Read all of the ParaPro exam instructions.
  • If you do not know the answer, take a guess and move on. There is no penalty for wrong answers since the scoring is based entirely upon correct answers.
  • Use your Answer Sheet for the sole purpose of marking your answers. You may use your test booklet for all scratch work.
  • Do not bring extra sheets of paper to the exam.
  • Mark your answers by filling the entire square with a dark pencil.
  • You may change your answer only by completely erasing your former answer.

Scoring Information

Each correct answer is worth one point. Points are converted to a scaled score, running from 420 to 480. When taking the test through the internet, results are received by mail approximately two weeks after you take the ParaPro Assessment. The wait time for paper & pencil test scores is four weeks.

The ParaPro Assessment Preparation

This test has the power to certify you to be a paraprofessional educator. It also has the power to close the door to that career. Assessment experts have conclusively found that exam preparation raises scores on employment aptitude tests like the ParaPro. Start practicing today with JobTestPrep's ParaPro Assessment PrepPack™.

ParaPro Assessment and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.

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