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Prepare for the OpenText Hiring Process

Founded in 1991, OpenText is a worldwide leader in Enterprise Information Management and empowers the digital world by helping organizations work with information. OpenText is committed to creating a positive work environment for their employees by offering team socials and volunteer events. They aim to hire and retain outstanding candidates, whether they are interested in the OpenText internship program or a long-term career.

Below is an outline of the OpenText recruitment process:

Application: You can apply for your career of interest online by filling out the form and uploading your resume. You will then be checked for eligibility and assessed based on your work experience and skills.

Telephone Interview: At the beginning of the interview process, you may receive a phone call from an HR recruiter. Questions asked may be about your previous work experience and capabilities.

In-Person Interview: Interviews vary depending on the role you have applied for. Face-to-face sessions can be performed one-on-one or with a panel of interviewers.

Tests: Psychometric entrance exams are often given during the hiring process in the form of an online or written test. These exams help the hiring team measure your skills, cognitive abilities, and technical understanding.


The OpenText Test Process

The OpenText psychometric test process may involve various aptitude exams, and JobTestPrep includes all of them in our All-Inclusive Master Pack. OpenText aptitude tests consist of various reasoning skills entrance exams and other assessments. The mathematical reasoning test measures one’s basic math foundation, how they solve mathematical word problems, understand graphs, and solves number series questions. Logical reasoning tests assess one’s inductive and deductive reasoning skills by using non-verbal methods.

The reading comprehension exam measures one’s ability to recognize written material to interpret it and answer questions correctly. Verbal reasoning tests measure applicants’ written and verbal communication abilities and how they arrange, display, and review data. Abstract reasoning tests evaluate one’s analyzation skills of visual information by recognizing various patterns. English language tests determine how well candidates can speak English by testing their vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.

Spatial reasoning tests assess one’s consciousness when examining two and three-dimensional spaces. The mechanical reasoning test measures one’s knowledge of basic ideas of Newtonian mechanics. Additionally, the personality and SJT (Situational Judgement Tests) assess how one’s personality profile fits the job position and evaluate applicants’ behavioral and cognitive abilities.

Start Practising for the OpenText Test Procedure with JobTestPrep.

OpenText Interview Questions

Feeling prepared before the interview process requires practicing beforehand by reviewing the job’s requirements and possible interview questions. Companies often evaluate candidates based on the manner in which they hold themselves and how professional and confident they seem.

Interview questions that may be asked are:

  • Why do you want to work for OpenText?
  • Describe a setting where you had to work in a team.
  • Describe some of your problem-solving skills.
  • How can you contribute to this role?
OpenText Subsidiaries
Hightail Actuate Corporation Recommind StreamServe
Covisint Daegis Inc. IXOS Software Momentum Systems, Inc.


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