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Prepare with our NYU Langone Kenexa-Style PrepPacks™

Our Kenexa test PrepPacks™ were designed to give you the advantage over the other NYU Langone applicants. By using our practice Kenexa tests and study guides, you are sure to excel.


Excel At Your NYU Langone Kenexa Tests With JobTestPrep!

Ace your NYU Langone Kenexa using JobTestPrep’s highly effective and in-depth practice materials. Access dozens of our Kenexa practice tests, study guides, score reports and more.


NYU Langone Interview Expectations

NYU Langone’s official interview process will begin with a several minute filtering phone call to see if match (at least on paper). Upon passing that stage and usually preliminary pre-hiring tests, you will then be invited to one or more face to face interviews with employees from the HR department all the way up through the hiring managers and beyond (depending on the seniority of the position). The various stages will aim to find out your availability, salary expectations, personality, and knowhow.

How Can I Prepare for the NYU Langone Personality Test?

You are expected to answer questions on the Personality Test honestly and off the cuff. This does not mean, however, that you should come to your examination without preparation. The Personality Test is long and thus may tire you. As your attention slackens, you may misunderstand questions and answer them wrongly. Although there are no correct or incorrect answers on the Personality Test, choosing an unintended answer may lead to self-misrepresentation. If you create a wrong self-image, you may not be invited for an interview once you complete your test. To avoid misrepresenting yourself on your examination, have a few dry runs with JobTestPrep’s practicing materials. Our personality tests supplied with detailed explanations and additional exercises will help you build an impressive personality profile and will pave the way for you to receive an invitation for a face-to-face interview with your company’s managers.

What Does the SJT Prove?

The test proves that you can clearly communicate and more importantly mediate between colleges and find unique solutions to both every day and more complicated issues in the office and company at large. If you can cope with the pressure, your future employer will know by the end of the test.

What Should I Take Away from the Interview?

Look at every interview as a unique learning opportunity. First, you may very well be asked back for a second or third interview, so use each interview to learn as much about the company and position as possible and try to discern if there is a specific style of questioning, so you can answer even better in the next round.

Why Should I Prepare For My Kenexa Test?

Preparing for your NYU Langone Kenexa tests will give you an undoubted advantage prior to taking the actual test. Not only will you be able to review the test’s format, you will also be guided through by the answer explanations provided.

What Is the Purpose Of The NYU Langone Kenexa Test?

NYU Langone administers the Kenexa test as a means to determine your skills and abilities in regard to the position being offered. In the event that your test scores are in alignment to NYU Langone’s desired competencies, you are more likely to be offered the position.


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