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About JobTestPrep’s Novartis Kenexa-Style Packs

Our Kenexa-style PrepPacks™ provides you with a wide range of tools to successfully pass Novartis’s hiring process. Come out swinging and lift your career forward with JobTestPrep.


Brush Up Your Skills and Boost Your Confidence Before the Novartis Kenexa Test

Using JobTestPrep’s comprehensive PrepPacks™ prior to your Novartis interviews and Kenexa assessments will give you an advantage over the other applicants. Gain 24/7 access to dozens of Kenexa-style practice tests, study guides, and more.


Novartis Interview Stage

In some cases, Novartis prefers screening candidates using online test before a face-to-face interview (this may or may not be after passing an initial phone interview). In other cases, the test will take place after the Novartis recruiters have met you and have been impressed by your persona and past work experience insights.

What Should I Expect on the Novartis Verbal Reasoning Test?

On the Verbal Reasoning Test, you will be given a text to read followed by a set of statements, whose truth value you will need to evaluate on the basis of the information contained in it. If you agree with the statement, you will need to mark it as “True.” If you think that it claims something unsupported by the text, tick it off as “False.” Also note that a truth value of some statements will be impossible to identify due to the insufficiency of the given information. If this is the case, judge the statement as “Impossible to Say.”

Why Does Novartis Use Situational Judgement Tests During Their Hiring Process?

Novartis is always on the lookout for not only the best and brightest applicants, but also those who are easily adaptable. The situational judgement tests, or SJTs, are used by Novartis to determine your ability to cope with and respond appropriately when faced with common workplace scenarios. During this test you will be tasked with either choosing the most appropriate response to a hypothetical situation, or to rank the response from least to most effective. If your behavioral tendencies are a match for Novartis and the position being offered, you will be more likely to be offered the position.

Do All Industries use Mathematical Tests?

Yes, a wide range if companies and industries apply numerical tests to the hiring process. The higher up the position like managerial roles or higher C-Level “boardroom” roles will require more intensive forms of the test. Companies run on data, so understanding how to calculate and apply is crucial in any industry.

How Can I Improve My Kenexa Test Score?

Prior preparation for the Novartis Kenexa test will undoubtedly help you to improve your overall score when taking the test in real-time. By using JobTestPrep’s in-depth Kenexa-style PrepPacks™ you will be able to familiarize yourself not only with the format of the test, but also the most suitable responses to the questions within.

At Which Point in the Hiring Process Will I Be Taking the Kenexa Assessments?

Assessment tests are often administered before or during the interview process. You may be expected to complete a series of Kenexa assessment tests in the Novartis recruitment process.


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