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NextEra Assessment Tests

In order to identify qualified candidates for their job openings, NextEra Energy uses career assessment testing. For this purpose, NextEra collaborates with the Edison Electric Institute (or EEI), the association that represents all US investor-owned electric companies and develops the tests. The tests that NextEra Energy requires depends on the position you applied for, make sure to check for the relevant test for you before you start your practice. the test you may be asked to take in the NextEra Energy hiring process are: 


The MASS test battery is administered over approximately two hours. It consists of four tests (or sections) - Mechanical Concepts, Assembling Objects, Mathematical Usage, and Reading Comprehension 


The TECH test battery is administered over approximately two hours. The TECH test battery consists of four tests (or sections) - Graphic Problem Solving, Interpreting Diagrams, Mechanical Concepts, and Reasoning from Rules


The CAST test is a set of test that is administrated for over two hours. The tests (or sections) that this test is consist of are Graphic Arithmetic, Mechanical Concepts, Reading for Comprehension, and Mathematical Usage 


The POSS test is a test battery that consists of four test (or sections), each lasting between ten to 30 minutes. The subjects in this test are Reading Comprehension, Mechanical Concepts, Mathematical Usage, and Figural Reasoning

Meter Reader (MRAB) Test 

The MRAB test is designed to test your ability to use tables and coding. Using multiple samples in each section. This NextEra test administration lasts less than 20 minutes. 

Typing Test

Typing tests are used to measure how quickly and accurately you can type in a given amount of time. Speed and accuracy are the key factors for determining your WPM (words per minute). Once a passage is presented, you have a given amount of time to type the passage as quickly and accurately as possible. Once the time is up, the test is immediately scored, and candidates or employers can view and analyze the results. 

Clerical Aptitude Test

NextEra Energy requires clerical aptitude tests for those who apply for a clerical and administrative position in the company. In the NextEra test for administration positions, you may be asked to demonstrate your abilities in a variety of office skills (such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, typing/proofreading/data entry and filing) as well as your personal skills and your working habits.


Practice for the NextEra Energy Employment Tests

JobTestPrep's adjusted NextEra Energy sample tests will enhance your verbal and numerical skills, your reasoning and decision-making abilities, which will help you pass your test with ease and confidence. Answer keys and study guides added to our NextEra practice tests will further increase your chances to begin your journey at the NextEra career path you desire.



About NextEra Energy

Operating as a leading clean energy company, the NextEra Energy careers opportunities are numerous. The company is headquartered in Juno Beach, Florida, and has approximately 13,900 employees in 26 states and Canada. NextEra has two major subsidiaries:

  • Florida Power & Light Company, which serves approximately 4.7 million customers;
  • NextEra Energy Resources, which is the nation’s largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and sun.

NextEra Energy operates eight nuclear units in Florida, New Hampshire, Iowa and Wisconsin; these facilities have the capacity to provide electricity for more than 5 million households.

NextEra Energy Hiring Process

  1. NextEra Energy application – the NextEra Energy jobs possibilities are a wide variety. After going through the company’s job openings and finding the right job for you, the first step is to send an online application. You can check your NextEra Energy application status at any point in the hiring process by logging in to the company’s website.
  2. NextEra Energy employment tests – certain positions in the company require passing a designated test that involves the knowledge and skills for the specific position. NextEra testing is done in partnership with EEI and its variety of tests. After verifying the relevant test for you, you can practice for the test using EEI NextEra Energy sample tests to improve your chances.
  3. NextEra Energy interview process – the NextEra testing of personality traits and your fit to the company is done through the NextEra Energy interview process. The first stage of this process is the phone interview that usually lasts about 20 minutes. If you’ve been found qualified, you will proceed to the on-site interview that lasts about 60-120 minutes. The NextEra Energy interview questions are designed to evaluate your skills, training, experience, and proficiency, as well as your knowledge about the company.
  4. NextEra Energy drug screen and background check - NextEra Energy performs a series of screening procedures before the hire is official. these screenings include a thorough background check, a psychological evaluation, and the NextEra Energy drug test. 


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