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The PrepPack™ has 6 mechanical and 11 mathematical tests that include 7 basic numerical exams, 2 trigonometry, 2 exams that have a strong focus on area and volume, and 3 cross-reference tests. The verbal side of the PrepPack™ is broken down into 5 parts. There you will find 3 grammar tests listed as "following the rules", 2 spelling exams, 2 verbal comprehensions named "restatements", 5 similar "applying information" questionnaires, and 5 information ordering tests. To clear up any future confusion, we have also included 5 study guides.

Why Invest?

In the last number of years, the sophistication of the hiring process is on the rise. Thus, it is important for job seekers to look for outside agencies, such as JobTestPrep, to grant themselves the competitive edge needed to find a new job. With our guidance, your success rate heighten to 73%. What are you waiting for, don't allow yourself to be daunted by the happenings, take initiative and begin your preparation!

What's Included

  • 11 Mathematical Reasoning Tests
  • 17 Verbal Reasoning tests
  • 6 Mechanical Reasoning Tests
  • 5 Study Guides
  • Money Back Guarantee – See Terms and Conditions

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