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Familiarity with Levers is Important for Your Score

Lever questions are often found in mechanical aptitude tests. Gaining basic knowledge of levers can be made through our study guide: it’s easy and will help you score higher in your mechanical aptitude test.

What is a Lever, Precisely?

A lever is a simple machine, which provides a mechanical advantage in carrying loads. It comprises of a fulcrum, which is a hinge or a pivot, and a beam or a rigid rod. Two forces are applied onto the beam: the effort and the load.

mechanical levers

The extent of the mechanical advantage depends on the torques created on both sides of the beam. A torque is the product of the force and the arm’s distance.
Levers are divided to three classes, where the above is a short example of a first class lever. More about these levers, as well as second- and third-class levers, is broadly discussed in our full study guide

Common Lever Questions

Usually, you will be required to distinguish which of the torques (input or output) is larger, or determine the direction of the lever’s tilt. In some cases, you will be required to perform light calculations.

A basic lever question may be:
By which lever would it take less effort to lift the load?

mechanical aptitude tests levers sample question

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The level of this question is easy, and you are likely to encounter more difficult questions in your test. A large pool of lever questions can be found in our practice packs, at all levels of difficulty, with answers and full explanations.


Mechanical aptitude tests require familiarity with topics such as levers. JobTestPrep provides varied practice packs and detailed study guides, developed exclusively for the test you need to take. Our practice packs comprise everything you need in order to score high on your test: a large variety of questions with answers and profound explanations, formulas, detailed information, and tips and advice. In addition, you can study with the Free Wonderlic sample test. Another exam you can use for practice is the Spatial Reasoning.

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