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Prepare for the McGuireWoods Recruitment Process

Founded in 1952, McGuireWoods is a big law firm with around 900 lawyers in over 15 offices in the US and Europe. McGuireWoods maintains a wide range of practices and focuses on corporate finance, health care, employment, and litigation. McGuireWoods offers an opportunity for their employees to grow through industries and work in locations around the world. They seek lawyers with business experience who value their values and are talented.

The McGuireWoods hiring process is described as follows:

Application: You can search online and apply for the vacant position of interest. You can then fill out a form and upload your resume too. There are other methods for completing the application, such as applying through an employee referral or recruiter.

Telephone Interview: When you complete the first stage, you may be called over the phone by an HR recruiter for an interview. Telephone interviews are conducted to decide whether you are the right fit and schedule your upcoming interviews.

Interview: There are various ways in which an onsite interview can be performed. Your interview experience may differ in relation to the level of the position you have applied for. You may be asked to come in for one or more in-person interviews.

Tests: You may be expected to conduct entrance exams so that employers can pinpoint how suitable you are based on your scores. Psychometric tests may be given online or as written in-person tests.


McGuireWoods’s Kenexa Test Process

Kenexa is an IBM company which provides hiring solutions for many companies. Skills exams are used to help evaluate applicants' cognitive capabilities for a wide range of jobs. Whether the positions are technical, financial, industrial, clerical, customer service, or healthcare fields. Kenexa includes three aptitude tests, each of which measures several abilities, such as mathematical, verbal, and logical reasoning exams. Kenexa also provides assessment tests, such as the personality and behavioral tests which help portray one’s characteristics and aptitude for the role.

Furthermore, Kenexa has other tests, such as the Kenexa Prove It Microsoft test, which assesses one’s skills with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. The Kenexa Prove It Typing test evaluates how quickly one’s typing skills are. The Kenexa Data Entry Alpha Numeric Test and the Data Entry 10-Key Test. The Alpha-Numeric Test assesses applicants’ data entry abilities and correctness in inputting letters and numbers. Kenexa’s Prove It Accounting Test is also used when companies aim to evaluate one’s accounting abilities.

Prepare for McGuireWoods’s Kenexa Test Process.

McGuireWoods Questions and Answers

Some frequently asked questions which applicants often ask are:

Question: How are panel interviews performed?

Answer: During a panel interview, one may face up to seven different employers from separate departments. Each interviewer may ask questions which are related to interviewees’ prior work experience and skills. Interview questions may be personal as well as technical.

Question: What questions should interviewees ask their interviewers?

Answer: Applicants will have an opportunity to ask their interviewers questions regarding the job position, as well as the company’s expectations for the career’s requirements.



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