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JobTestPrep has designed sophisticated practice materials that will help facilitate your preparation for the Market Track exam. While going over our tests and drills, you will be able to measure how well you absorb new information, think critically, and solve problems, all of which can help improve your cognitive abilities in the process. Assisted by our study guides and answer keys, you will learn what your weaknesses are, and how much effort it will take to eliminate them. Prepare with our PrepPack™ and ensure that you achieve higher scores than other applicants.

Market Track’s Hiring Process

Phone Interview 

After you apply online, recruiters from Market Track will contact you via telephone. In this interview, you will mostly talk about your education, working experience, and your potential contribution to the growth of the company.


Then, you will be required to take the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, a 15-minute exam that contains 50 questions. Doing well on the CCAT is essential, as your invitation for the second interview is based on how well you do on the CCAT.

Face-to-Face Interview

Provided you score high on your test, you will have a face-to-face interview with your prospective managers at one of the company’s locations. In this interview, you will be asked competency-based questions in addition to technical questions if you are competing for a developer position.

You may also be required to participate in a role play exercise where you will act as if you are answering customers’ questions. Depending on your applied position, you may also be required to make a short presentation in which you will use information provided by your interviewers.

If you impress your recruiters, you may be offered a job at Market Track.

What Is the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)?

Market Track initially selects its job applicants by inviting them to take the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test. The CCAT evaluates the cognitive aptitude of prospective employees as well as with different cognitive factors that influence their performance at work. More specifically, the results of the CCAT show how well job applicants digest and apply new information, pay attention to details, think critically, and solve problems. To measure these cognitive abilities with higher precision, the CCAT is divided into three parts: math and logic, verbal skills, and spatial reasoning. Altogether, these three sections are comprised of 50 questions.

Although some questions on the CCAT may be difficult, the major challenge you will face while taking it is the short time limit. You will be allotted only 15 minutes to complete the test, and no time extension will be allowed. To answer all 50 questions within such a short time limit, you need to practice beforehand.

Your scores for the CCAT are counted in several ways. You may receive a raw score, which takes into account only your correct answers, or you may receive a percentile score which evaluates your results relative to the results of other job candidates. Note that if you receive a percentile score of 79, for example, this would mean that you did better than 79% of other applicants who are applying for a job at Market Track.

As your score on the CCAT depends on the performance of your competitors, it is crucial to come to the pre-employment assessment well prepared. Practice with our PrepPack™ and rise above other candidates for your position.

Market Track’s Interviews

After your phone interview with Market Track’s recruiters who will ask you questions about your working history and professional ambitions, you will be invited for another interview in one of the company’s office. In this face-to-face interview, you will talk to your prospective managers, telling them about your qualifications and skills.

If you applied for a position such as software developer or technical service representative, be prepared to answer technical questions that evaluate your professionalism. If you want a job in the Sales Department, you may also be required to complete a mock phone call and leave a voice mail on a VP’s cell phone, just as if you were the company’s representative. Your prospective managers may also give you information from which you will need to make a short presentation. Some of the questions asked at Market Track’s interviews are listed below.

  • Why do you want to work at Market Track?
  • How would you say you stand out from the other candidates?  
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  
  • Why would you prefer to store sensitive data (a password or a social security number) in a character array rather than in a String?
  • What is the difference between JDK and JRE?
  • What are the basic elements of Linux?
  • What is the difference between BASH and DOS?
  • How do you share data between controllers?
  • On what project have you worked most recently?

Think these and similar interview questions over so that you sound confident and professional when you answer them in the actual interview. Your recruiters will be impressed by your knowledge and thoughtful answers, and will put you at the top of their job candidates list. Also, be sure to do your research about Market Track and their professional mission.

About Market Track, LLC

Acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2017, Market Track offers advertising, brand protection, e-commerce, and promotion solutions, providing their customers the ability to monitor and analyze marketing data. With the help of its services and tools, Market Track’s customers obtain insights into marketing and pricing strategies and are thus able to analyze marketing campaigns with more precision. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Market Track also conducts operations in New York, Ohio, California, Canada, and Australia. There are around 5,000 Market Track employees working across these locations, and the company continues hiring in its R&D, Marketing, Sales, and other departments. Salaries at Market Track range from $31,000 to $180,000, depending on an employee’s position.

 Practice for Your Market Track Assessment Test

Start preparing for your pre-employment assessment with JobTestPrep’s all-inclusive practicing materials and be first in line to be hired by Market Track. 

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