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The Massachusetts Adult Proficiency Tests (MAPT) was developed by the Center for Educational Assessment at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, the ACLS Unit of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and many Massachusetts ABE practitioners and learners. The MAPT is used to measures basics literacy skills, including reading and math. math The MAPT is in essence a high school equivalency exam.

Format of MAPT

MAPT has a computer-based, multiple-choice format. This test battery consists of MAPT for Reading and MAPT for Mathematics and Numeracy. As an adaptive exam, your answers determine the level of difficulty on subsequent questions. It spans six specific levels of proficiency, yielding a detailed assessment of your fundamental skills.

MAPT for Reading

The MAPT for Reading test measures three basic elements:

  • Reading Foundations – Expect to be tested on the meanings of words and the application of syllable patterns.
  • Informational Reading – You will be asked to locate and evaluate information and follow directions.
  • Literary Reading – Tasks dealing with Literary Reading involve logical predictions and inferences from given material, identification of the elements of the plot, and highlights of the main character, setting and theme.

The overall skills being assessed include word recognition and meaning, vocabulary, comprehension, the ability to gain information from written material and the aptitude for following instructions in the performance of tasks.

MAPT for Mathematics and Numeracy

There are four mathematical topics explored in this particular MAPT test:

  • Geometry and Measurement – This section of the math exam involves shapes and how they are measured. Expect to encounter area, perimeter and angles of geometric shapes; conversion between Fahrenheit and Celsius; and the application of maps and charts.
  • Number Sense – This is an important aspect of the MAPT for Mathematics. On this portion of the exam, you will be required to estimate by rounding, add and subtract numbers, work with decimals, fractions, percentages, place values, word problems and equivalents.
  • Patterns, Functions and Algebra – Expect items concerning whole-number sequence, completion of repeating patterns, word problems, exponents and variables as affecting other numbers.
  • Statistics and Probability – While the topic title sounds complicated, the actual tasks involved in this portion of the MAPT for Mathematics are basic. There are items requiring the extraction of data from lists; back-up of simple detail statements; determination of a mean, average and range of data; verification of a match between numbers and percent figures; relationship between a statement and the information contained in a graph or chart; and identification of values on a bar graph.

MAPT Scoring

The scoring is in accordance with federal standards as established through the Educational Functioning Level (EFL) of National Reporting Services. Score results include a 50-point range within a span of 200 – 700. 

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