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Our Magna BMCT PrepPacks™ were designed to familiarize you with the BMCT test format and material. You will be able to surpass the other Magna candidates using our wide range of preparation materials.


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Magna Interview Preparation

Successfully passing the screening interview should result in you being contacted to take part in a face-to-face interview. A typical face-to-face interview will either be held one-to-one, with a group or panel. The group and panel interviews commonly include members of management for the department you have applied for, as well as HR representatives. Preparing for each type of interview will not only put your mind at ease, you will also be able to answer your interviewers’ questions quickly and efficiently.

What Is the Format of the Numerical Reasoning Test?

The Numerical Tests are usually taken online. They are timed, and no time extension is given, if you do not complete them on time. Overall, you will have about 45 seconds to answer one question. They are also multiple-choice tests, asking you to choose one right answer from four or six possible solutions. On the Numerical Test, you will have different types of tasks. Among other things, you will need to interpret data appearing in tables, graphs, and charts. You will also need to calculate percentages and proportions and perform operations with fractions and ratios. Because word problem exercises involve stories about people who either receive or spend money, you should know how to convert currencies and understand such concepts as “inflation” and “rebasing.”

How Is the Verbal Test Scored?

No consideration is given to how many questions on the Verbal Reasoning Test applicants answer correctly, when their final score is counted. Rather, their final scores are calculated in relation to the scores of other candidates vying for similar positions. This means that even if your objectively measured raw score is high, it still may be considered low, when measured against the scores of other test takers. If you answered 92% of answers on the Verbal Reasoning Test correctly and the majority of other applicants got 94% of them right, your score will not be enough to recommend you for the applied position. It is crucial, therefore, to prepare for the Verbal Reasoning Test before you go to your pre-employment assessment. Study with JobTestPrep’s resources and outperform other applicants for the position.

How Should I prepare for the Job Interview?

The first mistake that people make before going to an interview is failing to study the company. People tend to try to make the interview about their skills, past and aspirations, but forget that they are vying to work for a company with its own aspirations. Make sure you know what the company does, various products launched, clientele type, Top Executives and more. Make the interviewer feel that you care about the company and are not just there for the pay check.

What Is the Purpose of the Magna BMCT Tests?

The purpose of the Magna BMCT tests is to determine which applicants to their company have what it takes to perform the duties of the position being offered. Applicants who do well in their BMCTtests are more likely to be offered the job in the end.


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