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What's Included

  • Nine true/false/cannot say practice tests
  • Six Logic practice tests, with popular question types, such as syllogism, seating arrangements, and more
  • 30 figural practice tests, that cover many common question types, like next-in-series, odd-one-out, matrices, and more
  • Guides and tutorials to help you during your preparation process


It can be difficult to pass a logical reasoning test, especially if you haven't encountered this type of evaluation before. JobTestPrep's online logical reasoning PrepPack™ includes timed practice tests, score reports, study guides, and detailed answer explanations that will help you pass your test with ease. 


The Logical Reasoning Test

Many applications for jobs that require complex analytical thinking involve logical reasoning tests. These tests assess your ability to process information, understand the connection between various pieces of information, and draw conclusions. You need to understand how to parse apart arguments and make inferences based on information. The questions on logical reasoning tests vary from very easy to very difficult, and they include various types of logical reasoning questions, including both deductive and inductive reasoning questions. There are verbal logical reasoning questions as well as questions which require you to indentify the pattern in a series of shapes and select the shape that would come next.

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