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Prepare for the LEK Recruitment Process

Whether candidates are interested in applying for a permanent career or for a role at LEK internships, preparing for each stage involved during the LEK recruitment process will significantly increase their chances of success.

The different steps in the LEK hiring process are as follows:

  • LEK Online Application: Most applications are done online with a LEK application login. If candidates are interested in the LEK internship program they can apply through campus recruiting or an employee referral.
  • LEK Phone Interview: Candidates will be contacted over the phone by an HR representative as part of the screening process and to schedule an in-person interview.
  • LEK test: Job applicants may be required to complete aptitude tests which will assist employers in reliably assessing applicants’ abilities and compatibility for the position.
  • LEK Interview: The final interview procedure consists of an in-person interview performed one-on-one or in a group setting. Applicants may be asked to solve a case study and answer technical, behavioral, and situational LEK interview questions during this stage.

LEK Aptitude Test

During the LEK application process, you may be required to take technical and situational based assessment tests. In particular, AON aptitude tests involve situational judgement, adaptive reasoning, and personality exams which are administered to measure candidates’ competency, skills, attributes, and motivation in the workplace. Aon G.A.T.E. tests can be taken online and help employers determine whether you fall within the LEK employment expectations. The Situational Judgment (SJT) test evaluates job applicants’ reactions to real-life scenarios. Additionally, CEB’s SHL exams may be administered to assess mathematical and verbal reasoning. So too, applicants interested in accounting may need to take an accounting technical test which requires vigilant practice.

Gain the skills you need to pass the LEK aptitude tests.

LEK Questions and Answers

Our practice materials assist candidates who apply for the LEK internship program or a permanent career in preparing for the LEK interview questions and answers. Some frequently asked questions which candidates inquire about are:

      • Question: Why Do Employers Offer the Aptitude Test? Answer: By administering these entrance exams, employers can ascertain whether job candidates can learn new skills, solve problems efficiently, and can make clear decisions.
      • Question: What is a Situational Judgment Test? Answer: This test provides realistic workplace scenarios which give test-takers the ability to display their behavioral and cognitive skills during the assessment period.


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