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Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s Hiring Process

LCBO is one of the largest alcoholic beverage retailer and distributor in Canada. If you are interested in pursuing a corporate, in-store, or warehouse career with LCBO, you would be wise to prepare for their hiring process. Below you will find more information regarding what to expect during the LCBO recruitment process:

  • Application Process: To apply for a suitable role with the company you will need to visit the LCBO careers webpage. From there you will be able to view and apply for one or more of the available LCBO jobs declared on the website. If you are a new applicant you will be required to create a user account prior to completing the online application and submitting your resume.
  • Phone Screening: Once your application and resume have gone through the initial screening process, a member of the LCBO Human Resources Department may contact you for a phone interview.
  • Pre-Hire Assessments: Regardless of the role you have decided to pursue with LCBO, you will be required to take some sort of employment exam. These tests were designed to evaluate and assess skill sets possessed by candidates in regard to the role being offered.
  • Personal Interviews: Once you have passed all of the preliminary stages of the hiring process you will be invited to participate in one or more in-person interviews. Interviews will either be held in a group with other applicants or before a panel of current members of staff at LCBO (managers, HR representatives, employees, etc.).

LCBO’s Employment Aptitude Tests

Regardless of the position you have chosen to apply for with the company, you will still be required to take a pre-hire test. These tests will typically be psychometric in nature and will be used to assess your fit for the vacancy you are pursuing.

Microsoft Office Exam

If you have applied for an office or administrative role, you will likely need to have a firm grasp of the Microsoft Office software. Our exclusive Microsoft Office-style PrepPacks™ include downloadable learning software, practice tests, and study guides to ensure your preparedness prior to taking the test.

Additional tests that applicants of LCBO may also include those for mathematical and verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, situational judgment, and personality questionnaires. Going into the LCBO recruitment process prepared will help give you a major advantage over other applicants who may have applied for the same role.

Start practicing for your LCBO pre-hire entrance exam with the help of JobTestPrep.



Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s Interview Process

During your interviews with the LCBO recruitment team, you will be asked a variety of questions. These questions will range from your resume, availability, previous experience, and workplace behaviors. Below you will find several sample LCBO interview questions that you may be asked throughout the interview process:

  • Describe a time where you received exceptional customer service.
  • How do you usually react to conflicts with colleagues?
  • Do you work well under pressure?

It is highly recommended that you use the STAR interview method when answering behavioral-style questions. This method will help keep your responses both organized and engaging for your interviewers.


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