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Kenya Airways Tests

In the competitive job-hunting world, companies such as Kenya Airways must be clever when it comes to the application process. Thus, various exams have been created to allow upper-management to critically understand the job candidate. The tests are typically powered by Talent Q. For example, if you are applying for Kenya Airways technical sales or as a ticket agent, you likely will find yourself in an assessment center job interview.

The assessment center is a time when a pool of potential employees come and compete with one another. Although it is a competition, you must also note that you will be judged on your personality and behavior towards one another. Thus, it is important to remain helpful and friendly since you will be watched throughout the day. Likewise, you will have group and solo interviews, attend presentations to better understand the airline’s core values and policies. It is a good idea to also mentally prepare yourself for role-playing situations and team-building exercises.

If you are applying to be a revenue management or finance analyst position, you likely will be faced with a Microsoft Excel exam. This exam will test and refresh your mind to the endless possibilities that one can attain within the constraints of the program. Even if you aren’t applying for either job, it may serve you well to try the exam, even as a refresher for personal needs.

A psychometric test is used for airline commercial pilots and copilots. Pre-take this exam today and have instant access to mathematical tests, verbal, SJT (Situational Judgment Tests), and more. Rise your chances of success and enlist in JobTestPrep’s help today.

Another commonly used test for air traffic controller workers is the aptitude test. Aptitude tests are designed to evaluate an individual’s talent, ability, and potential for particular tasks. During the course of the exam, you will find questions in true and false formats, short answers, multiple choice, and more.

Kenya Airways Hiring Process

There are multiple hiring process tracks that one can undergo. Thus, below is a basic stream commonly used. Simply take note that if you are applying for a unique job, the track is subjected to change:

  • Online Resume Submission: A majority of past Kenya Airway job applicants have applied through Kenya Airways’ main website.
  • Pre-Employment Telephone Screening: The telephone interview is typically brief. It’s really simply a time for HR to set-up an appointment for you to meet the Kenya Airways upper-management.
  • Face-to-Face Interview: During your in-person interview, you can expect to be interviewed by multiple individuals. Although this can be daunting, so long as you remain at peace and answer the questions professionally, you’ll be just fine.

Kenya Airways Interview Questions

Interview questions are broad during Kenya Airways interviews. We recommend that you use the STAR method to fully express yourself. Below are a few examples. Good luck!

  • What are your salary expectations?
  • List a few of your work achievements.
  • Why do you want to work for Kenya Airways?
Kenya Airways Subsidiaries
African Cargo Handling Ltd. Jambojet Kenya Airfreight Handling Limited

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