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J.B. Hunt's Situational Judgement Tests

No matter if you are applying to be a truck driver, customer services representative, or engineer, situations among customers or coworkers can occur. During your application process with J.B. Hunt, you likely will take an exam or encounter in-person interview questions on the topic. Through our Situational Judgement Test (SJT), JobTestPrep can provide various test simulations that provide you with an array of realistic scenarios on behavioral and cognitive abilities. Join countless other job seekers and receive an edge and feel confident today!

J.B. Hunt's Hiring Process

While some people report that the hiring process is remarkably on the fast side, others claim that the process took over 2 months. The average length of time for the application process is 3 weeks.

  • Online Resume Submission: Most people find J.B. Hunt jobs on the main website, however it is also possible to upload your resume to job seeking websites.
  • (Pre) Employment Phone Screening: It is probable that you will be asked to have a telephone interview. They typically are 20-minutes in length. This is a quick tactic to access if the HR representative can proceed with you in the recruitment process.
  • Skype Interview: If you live too far away from the facility, J.B. Hunt is open to Skyping you in for an interview. This however, does not less intensify the interview experience. Prepare for a few people to participate in your experience with possibly two more people writing down your every response.
  • Face-to-Face Interview: Many past applicants report that the in-person interview is rather straightforward with nothing out of the ordinary. Generally, you will sit with a few managers. If they are pleased with your responses, either that day or another day soon, you will be invited back to be interviewed with higher management.

J.B. Hunt's Interview Questions

Similar to any job you may be applying for, it is recommended to research J.B Hunt before you encounter them. Another tip is to review your resume beforehand. Often times J.B. Hunt will go through your resume to better comprehend what kind of employee you are. Below are a few helpful J.B. Hunt interview questions:

  • How did you hear about us?
  • Give us a constructive criticism you’ve received.
  • How has your previous jobs related to this company?

J.B. Hunt Jobs

Drivers: To be a J.B. Hunt driver doesn’t take much. They only want you to have a few months of truck driving experience. Additionally, J.B. Hunt understands that many drivers have families. Thus, they offer local driving jobs. Furthermore, the application process is relatively quick. You will likely sit for a 40-minute interview, discussing your driving record, and could very well leave the facility with the job.

Internships: J.B. Hunt knows that not everyone has professional experiences. They want to help groom the younger generation who still participate in college or are fresh out. Thus, special internships are available in an array of positions. Check J.B. Hunt’s main website for more information as to how to apply.

High School Grad. Entry Level: Likewise, it is understood among the J.B. Hunt management that not everyone feels called to university. J.B. Hunt knows that you don’t need to be fully educated in every profession. Thus they call out to you, with various positions that can help you excel in your future career.


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