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Types of Brain teasers

Brain teasers are asked during interviews – the interviewer might pop-up a sophisticated question as a surprise, when you are not ready for it. These questions are often tricky, complicated questions that you cannot answer intuitively, but thoroughly think of each question.

If you arrive at the interview “blank slate” - “Tabula rasa”, you are likely to be overwhelmed, hence find the questions and intellectual challenge difficult and stressful.
Therefore, thinking ahead about how to deal with them is important. That is why we gathered here some…

Sample Questions:

The following questions types are common brain teasers, with which recruiters and interviewers can get a better idea of your logical and quantitative thinking during “money time”:

  • A quick Math question: You will be asked to calculate (multiply, divide, add and/ or subtract) numbers by heart. There might equations involved in these questions.
  • How Many [Things] Are There in [Location]?
  • “How Many [Things] Could Fit in [Container]?” Explain [Concept] to a [Difficult-to-Explain-Concept Person]?
  • Logic questions: Questions that are needed to break down
  • There are also questions with one right answer, and questions with no right answer.

Let us give you another example of a scenario during the interview itself: Say you are a software engineer, at a one-on-one meeting with Google’s head of R & D. She or he can ask you something similar to a sudoku puzzle to fill in.
A way to give your mind a good practice beforehand is studying with our Mathematical and Abstract Reasoning tests mentioned below. 
Equally, you could be a Hardware engineer at a job interview in Microsoft, and many other Techy jobs.

Types of quizzes

The following tests, or at least one of them, are likely to be required during your onsite interview:

  • Personality: Usually, this assessment gives you the following type of statements: True/ False, Agree/ Disagree/ Neither, and Least/ Most. Click here to get more familiar with the Personality assessment.
    This test evaluates your characteristics and behavior. That way, the recruiters can view whether your personality fits the applied role, the company and its culture and atmosphere.
  • SJT: Situational Judgment Test, also known as SJT, presents hypothetical, daily work-related conflicts and situations. Then, you are asked to select the most appropriate solution for each case. It may sound easy and intuitive here, but… the test is time-limited, the questions are multiple-choice, and it is not always clear what is the right or wrong answer for each question. Therefore, studying beforehand is important. The idea behind this exam is to measures your cognitive and behavioral abilities. Find out more about SJT.

In addition, the following assessments can be useful for getting ready; this practice can sharpen your logical and quantitative thinking, hence might ease the intellectual challenges you would face during the professional meeting.

  • Mathematical Reasoning: Includes basic numeracy tests; more complex calculation questions; advanced math and analysis; conversion tests and more.
  • Abstract Reasoning: Also known as Figural reasoning. Shows different series of figures, and asks you about their continuation and logic. This questionnaire examines your intellectual potential.

JobTestPrep offers PrepPacks™ with practice tests, score reports, study guides, personalized feedback and other useful tools. You can use all of those to get ready properly, and gain confidence before the upcoming interview.

Tips for Brain teasers and quizzes

Here are some tips to help you answer brainteaser questions:

  • All of the information required to answer was given to you. So take a deep breath, gather all of this info’ in your head, and think. You can do it!
  • Many times, the answer that seems obvious is actually wrong!
  • Don’t be shy - If there is anything you don’t understand, ask questions in order to clarify everything.
  • Speak your thoughts out loud. That way, the interviewers hear the process you use to get your answer, and your way of thinking.

Now that we gave you all of this information towards the “big day” of pre-employment, the quizzes and brain teasers seem less alarming, don’t they? We hope this is what you think and feel about them.
Furthermore, JobTestPrep’s products offer materials that can help with various questions such as interview tips, guides and tutorials. If you want an efficient preparation, look for our products:


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