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What Does JobTestPrep Offer?

JobTestPrep conducts a painstaking research to offer job candidates accurate simulations of the tests they are expected to pass during their pre-employment assessment. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia administers a rich variety of tests to its prospective employees depending on the position for which they applied. To assist all job candidates regardless of their future roles, we have complied the all-inclusive PrepPack™, putting there all tests that they are likely to meet on their actual examination at the ICBC.

The arsenal of our tests is truly rich: you can practice with the simulations of the Cognitive Ability Test or Data Entry Test, or Typing Test, among others. In so doing, you will significantly enhance your different cognitive abilities and increase the precision and speed of your typing or entering of data.

With JobTestPrep’s resources, you will also create an attractive personality profile. Our materials are so constructed that they allow you not only to enhance the general presentation of your personality but also work on improving individual traits indispensable for performing your job well.

Included in our PrepPack™ are also tips on how to behave confidently during your interview and examples of smart answers to challenging interview questions. Practice with our resources and show to your recruiters at the ICBS that you have all required skills and qualities to make a significant contribution to the development of their company.

The Cognitive Abilities Test

This test is designed to estimate applicants’ general intelligence and aptitude for an applied position. It is also used to predict their future performance in the workplace. The Cognitive Ability Test measures applicants’ thinking in various categories such as numerical, verbal, abstract, spatial, and mechanical reasoning. Questions asked on the test are of various difficulty as well. Their level will be correlated with the position for which you are vying.

The test’s questions are also of different types. Some of them may focus on a single category; others may center around several categories, becoming a mixture of questions on verbal, abstract, spatial, or numerical reasoning, for example. You will thus analyze tasks that will include words, numbers, letters, diagrams, charts, or shapes. To create your intellectual profile most accurately, questions on the test are supplied with several possible answers, only one of which is correct.

You will need to think over a question carefully and choose the right answer among incorrect options. The Cognitive Ability Test is also strictly timed. Practice with JobTestPrep’s high-quality resources to learn how to answer questions on your pre-employment assessment at the ICBC quickly and accurately.

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Recruitment Process

After you upload your résumé on the company’s website, you will receive an email to schedule a phone interview with its representatives. Sometimes, the first interview will take the form of a Skype conversation. During your first interview, prepare to answer behavioral, situational, and technical questions. You will also be required to tell about your education and working history, explaining the reason why you left your previous jobs. This interview may take up to 40 minutes.

The next stage in your hiring process is testing. Depending on your future role, you will be administered one or several tests that the company offers to its job applicants. Time given to you will differ with every test.

If your test results are satisfactory, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview with your prospective managers or supervisors. Questions they will ask you will be personality-based or situational. Try to think of interesting examples from your previous workplaces to illustrate your answers to situational questions. Technical questions will be asked as well.

Before you receive a job offer, you will be asked to do a background and credit check. If both of them come back clean, you can start salary negotiations.

Do not miss a brilliant opportunity to practise before your interview with our well-written interview resources. Prepared by us, you will surely command your recruiters’ attention and inspire them to hire you.



JobTestPrep offers job candidates a rich choice of test simulations to practice before their actual examination. The more practice you get under your belt, the more accurate your answers will become. Purchase our practice materials and become an invaluable part of the vibrant team of the ICBC.


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