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HST and Its Competency-Based Assessments

All levels of corporate selection are addressed by HST testing involvement. From pre-employment screening to promotional employee quality to organizational optimization HST provides not only assessment test batteries, but also exam administration, scoring, professional certification and corporate management tools.

The aptitude tests are individually designed for specific companies and jobs. Entry-level HST exams do not require prior knowledge of on-the-job tasks. The purpose of these pre-employment cognitive tests is strictly to assess the aptitudes that predict trainee and employee performance.

In HST test batteries, you will encounter fundamental subject matter items that require basic logic and a high-school level skillset. Practicing on HST sample tests provides a view of the types of questions and test format that you will face on the actual tests.

The clientele of HST varies from the American Society of Engineers to Bloomindales to a wide variety of utility companies throughout the U.S. and reaching into a global presence.

Some of the positions for which HST aptitude tests are administered include Combustion Turbine Technician, Plant Operator, Customer Service Rep, Gas Mechanic and Line Technician.

The exams are based on scientifically proven assessment principles. Two of the many selection tests developed by HST include a Gas Jobs Selection Test Battery and widely-used Basic Math and Science Test.

Basic Math & Science Test

The Basic Math and Science Test (BMST) is geared for Nuclear Reactor/Senior Reactor Operator position applicants. The Basic Math and Science Test is a predictor of entry-level training performance. The BMST consists of 90 items that assess aptitudes in nine science and math areas.

Those candidates who have completed Navy nuclear training face a set of norms that differ from the norms established for applicants who have not had that training. This is just one example of the individualized character of HST exams.

PSEG Gas Jobs Selection Test Battery

For the Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), HST developed the Gas Jobs Selection Test Battery. This group of tests contains seven paper & pencil aptitude exams.

The gas jobs battery highlights those applicants who have the ability to quickly absorb and apply the skills that are essential for successful job performance. This test battery is strictly timed and carries a 2-hour limitation.

If you are planning to take the PSEG pre-employment tests, the battery that you can expect to complete includes:

  • Reading Comprehension: This section tests your reading speed and accuracy of comprehension, which is to be completed within a 30-minute time limit. This test presents written material followed by questions that require conclusions, analysis, summary and information recall based solely upon the information contained in the passage.
  • Attention to Detail: Five minutes is the timeframe for this test. The skill being tested in this exam involves the detection of small details in objects.
  • Visual Speed and Accuracy: You will again have five minutes for the completion of this battery portion. To answer items found in this test of the PSEG battery, the task is to determine which number pairs are exactly the same and which pairs differ.
  • Logical Reasoning: The two sections of the 15-minute Logical Reasoning Test include 1) Verbal Reasoning requiring the identification of info relationships and supportable conclusions; and 2) Numerical Reasoning requiring the determination of the next number after a given set of numbers.
  • Mechanical Principles: Gears and tension (resistance) are two of the topics contained within the 20-minute Mechanical test.
  • Numerical Computation: In this 20-minute test, you will encounter arithmetic functions, percentages, area & length measurement, decimals and fractions.
  • Electrical Aptitude: Keep in mind that you do not need any prior knowledge of electrical principles. Current and resistance, diagrams and schematics are presented in this 25-minute test.

HST Selection Test Battery Preparation

JobTestPrep provides HST test information to help you prepare for the exams they have to offer. We are developing an HST practice test pack to optimize your test results.

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