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Graduate Recruitment Test (GRT) Process

The Canada GRT Test is administered to those who have successfully completed and passed the Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE). This following step in the Post-Secondary Recruitment Process is employed in order for candidates to qualify for a government job in the Canadian Public Service system. Due to the general lack of information on the GRT Exam, we have compiled a detailed outline about the test content and questions you will expect on your exam.

The Four Question Types

  1. Content: 55 questions
  2. Duration: 90 minutes
  3. Format: multiple-choice questions
  4. (Calculators are not allowed)
  • Similarities: In these GRT test questions, candidates are presented with five pairs of words that are related to some general concept given within the questions. They are required to identify the best pair which most directly refers to this concept given.
  • Arithmetic: These questions require candidates to understand the given mathematical problem and identify the correct formula that can be used to solve the question among the five answer choices. This section of the GRT exam requires speed and accuracy in mathematics computational skills.
  • Figure Analogies: Questions of this type require high attention to detail and comprehensive thinking skills. Candidates may be presented with a total of eight figures in a certain order/setting: for example, three figures labeled X, Y, and Z are located on the left side of the test page while five figures are found on the right side. Figure X has been slightly altered in some way to create figure Y, and again for Figure Z. One of the five figures on the right is identical to Figure X, Y, or Z; candidates must select the figure that correctly mirrors the alteration made from X to Y.
  • Number Series: The GRT Test presents questions containing a series of numbers and requires candidates to determine the rule that is used to generate the series. Questions may also require the accurate prediction of the next number(s) in the series.

Graduate Recruitment Test Passing Mark

The Graduate Recruitment Test results and passing process can sometimes be difficult to determine. Minimum pass marks are set as guidelines for public service agencies, but may be increased according to the needs of the particular department. The baseline passing mark for the GRT is 26/55.

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