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The Graham Company Hiring Process

The Graham Company hiring and recruitment process consists of the following steps. To be considered for a potential job offer, you must complete each of these steps successfully.

  • Application—You will input your personal and professional information into a brief online application.
  • Assessment test—You will be asked to complete a Wonderlic pre-employment assessment test.
  • Interview—You will encounter various interview types at The Graham Company, some of which include a telephone interview, one-on-one interview, and panel interview.

Prepare for the Graham Company hiring process with the help of JobTestPrep. Our preparation materials include practice drills and tests, study guides, problem-solving tips and methods, detailed answer explanations, score reports, and more. Start preparing today to ensure your success at The Graham Company.

The Graham Company Assessment Tests

The Graham Company utilizes Wonderlic pre-employment assessment tests.

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability—Personnel Test assesses an applicant's ability to learn, adapt, solve problems, and understand instructions. There are two versions of this test, the Quicktest (WPT-Q) and the full-length version, Personnel Test (WPT-R).

The Wonderlic Personnel Quicktest (WPT-Q), also known as the Wonderlic Pretest, is the shortened version of the Wonderlic Personnel Test-R (WPT-R). This version contains 30 questions which are to be completed within 8 minutes. This test is not proctored and can sometimes be used as a preliminary exam for both the general hiring process and for the full–length WPT-R exam.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test-Revised, also known as the Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test, consists of 50 questions and must be completed within 12 minutes. With just over 14 seconds allotted per question, the WPT-R requires strong analytical skills, quick response times, and decision–making under time pressure. 

Both tests contain questions about mathematics (including number series and complex mathematical word problems), vocabulary (including idiom proficiency), analogies, finding similarities, and grammar skills (such as error detecting and sentence structuring).

JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability tests with our Wonderlic PrepPack™. Our preparation materials include practice tests and drills, study guides, detailed answer explanations, problem-solving tips and methods, and score reports.


In-Depth Preparation for Your Graham Company Wonderlic Tests

The Graham Company Wonderlic Tests will be a breeze after practicing with JobTestPrep. Our PrepPacks™ were designed to help you in outperforming the other Graham Company candidates. Join us today and receive countless invaluable practice tests and study guides to help you throughout the Graham Company hiring process.


The Graham Company Interview Questions

The following are some interview questions you may encounter, depending on the position for which you are applying:

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?  
  • Explain a time when you were working in a high–stress environment. How did you handle that situation?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?  
  • Why do you think you're a strong candidate for this position?  
  • Do you speak a foreign language? How did you learn it?
  • How would you rate your customer service skills?  

Why Do Companies Include Aptitude Tests into Their Hiring Process?

Employers have long understood that applicants’ real personalities are revealed neither in their résumé nor interview. To analyze their abilities more precisely, they have decided to offer different types of aptitude tests to their prospective employees. There are numerous types of aptitude tests, but all of them measure how well candidates perform specified tasks and react to different situations. Applicants’ scores on the aptitude test are not measured by the number of correctly answered questions. How well they have done on the test is estimated relatively to the scores of other candidates being tested at the same time. It is crucial, therefore, to prepare to the Aptitude Test in advance. Check out our all-inclusive resources and outperform your competitors at your pre-employment assessment.

What Can I Expect at the Sit Down Interview?

Now that you have passed the screening call and preliminary hire test, the company know wants to crank up the heat and find out what type of answers you will provide when confronted with your hiring manager face to face. Body language and tone will mean a lot. There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence, a strong hand shake and egotism. Remember you have already passes the tests, so they know that you have the technical abilities to do the Job. Now they want to see you under greater pressure.

What is The Purpose of Graham Company's Wonderlic Tests?

Graham Company is on the lookout for a specific set of skills and competencies for the vacancy within their company. The Wonderlic test which is often coupled with the other various assessments during the recruitment process help Graham Company to gain a better understanding of your abilities and workplace persona. If your overall profile happens to match that of the position being offered, you will likely receive a job offer.


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