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The Hiring Process at FrieslandCampina Explained

If you decide to go through the hiring process at FrieslandCampina, you should know that it could take 5 weeks. During these weeks, you will go through a number of interviews and a number of tests that will assess your skills. Some are very specific to the job you will be applying for, while others are general and include:

  • Effective verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Flexibility and creativity


FrieslandCampina Interview Stages

There are several interviews that you will have to participate in. These include two or more of the following:

  • A phone interview. A phone interview is often used to screen candidates before they come to an interview, however, it could also be used when the employer or the candidate are located out-of-town. These usually last 20-30 minutes and, if successful, will lead to the next stage of the hiring process which is a video interview or an in-person meeting. The typical questions are about the resume, the experience the candidate has, whether the candidate is available to start the job soon, what the salary requirements are etc.
  • Video interviews. Video interviews are divided into two types live and pre-recorded. A live video interview, which will be done through Skype, will assess you more closely. It usually has behavioral based questions and some technical questions. This type of interview can take between 40-60 minutes. A pre-recorded video interview involves employers sending you a link to an interview platform which contains pre-determined interview questions. Here, you will have a chance to briefly view the question before you record and submit your answer.
  • Several levels of face-to-face interviews. Multiple in-person (face-to-face) interviews for FrieslandCampina positions are a common practice to give decision makers at multiple levels the opportunity to make sure that you are the right candidate for the job. There are several interviewers like the recruiter, an HR representative, and heads of departments.


Preparing for FrieslandCampina’s Tests

During the hiring process at FrieslandCampina, you will have to pass the Talent Q assessment. The Talent Q is part of the Korn Ferry Hay Group. Talent Q's ability tests differ from other common psychometric tests with regard to concepts, test formats, and question types. One of the main differences is that the tests are adaptable. This means that depending on whether your response to a question is correct or incorrect the system presents you with a subsequent question of either greater or lesser difficulty until your appropriate difficulty level is found. There are several different sub-categories to the Talent Q test:

  • Talent Q Elements: The Talent Q Elements series is a collection of three different tests—numerical, verbal, and logical. These tests can be administered together or split up, depending on the job position and role. Talent Q Elements tests are used in the hiring process of supervisors, managers, and any other high-level positions. Each test has between 12 and 15 different questions that vary in difficulty level. 
  • Talent Q Aspects and Abilities: The Talent Q Aspects and Abilities series is a set of three different tests—verbal, numerical, and checking—which are usually administered online. Each of the Aspects Ability tests takes between five and 10 minutes to complete, making them quick and easy for employers to use. Talent Q Aspects also contains a personality test known as Styles. Styles is a personality, competency-based questionnaire. It uses 16 different character traits to assess candidates. On this test, you are presented with a series of different statements, and you must rate how well they match your personality on a five-grade scale, from completely untrue to very true. Results are used to evaluate a candidate's personality with regards to the job application, as well as serve as a guide for an upcoming interview.
  • Talent Q Dimensions: In its 25-minute time frame, the Dimensions online personality questionnaire is able to accurately measure an applicant’s personality across several different fields. These different fields are People and Relationships, Tasks and Projects, and Drives and Emotions. You are given a statement, such as 'How true is each statement below in relation to your behavior at work?' You are then given four different statements that you must rate on a five-option, true-based scale. There are 160 of these statements, all relating to different behavioral trends. Learn more about Talent Q's personality tests.


Common Interview Questions

The most common interview questions that you may have to answer during your interview process are:

  • Name a time where you were in an unethical situation, what did you do?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What are some strengths about yourself?


To work for FrieslandCampina could prove to be very beneficial. You can hone your skills and perfect your craft. The highly complex interviews and tests may deny you the job you so want. Make sure you get a job at FrieslandCampina with the help of JobTestPrep. Take advantage of our PrepPacks™ and increase your chances of landing that job. Sign up today!

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