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Fluor Interview Process

The Fluor’s official interview process will begin with a several minute filtering phone call to see if match (at least on paper). Upon passing that stage and usually preliminary pre-hiring tests, you will then be invited to one of more face to face interviews with employees from the HR department all the way up through the hiring managers and beyond (depending on the seniority of the position.) The various stages will aim to find out your availability, salary expectations, personality and knowhow.

What Should I Expect on the Personality Test?

The Personality Test is a more reliable means of evaluating the personality of potential employees that interviews. This test is so cleverly constructed by leading psychologists that it presents employers with a clear picture of whom they are considering for an applied position. It allows employers to predict whether their potential employees will demonstrate production, property, or political deviance and whether they are likely to become aggressive or vengeful when interacting with their co-workers. To ascertain these unpleasant possibilities more precisely, the Personality Test contains several types of questions. Some of them will present you with pictures of people and you will need to describe their emotional reaction to certain circumstances. Other questions will require you to rank your attitude to given statements, on the scale from the least agreement to the most agreement. The Personality Test is usually long and may take you up to 3 hours to answer all its questions.

Can You Explain the SJT Formatting?

There are two primary SJT formats, which are linear and interactive. Before taking the test, understanding the differences between the linear and interactive formatting will help to aid you in choosing the right answer.

  • Linear Format: This format is simple as you will be presented with a straight line of questioning. In this format, each question is usually independent to the following or prior question.
  • Interactive Format: In this format each question will branch off and lead into other questions and scenarios in a continuous thread of thought.

In either format, some scenarios might have only one solution, while others could have multi-layer resolutions. Lastly, remember that the answer is in the eye of the tester who will be looking for the best and worst alternatives to any given issue. 

What Is the STAR format?

The STAR format is a method to answer interview questions. When you are asked situational questions on your interview, it is better to answer them according to the STAR format, because this behavioral technique makes your answer more coherent and comprehensive. Employers like to use the STAR format on interviews due to its higher degree of predictability of applicants’ future performance at work. The acronym STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. To follow the STAR format in your answers means the following: 

  • Situation: You need to tell about a challenging situation that you had to resolve in your former workplace.
  • Task: Tell your recruiters what you tried to achieve in that situations, what tasks you assigned to yourself or your team. When elaborating on this, emphasize what motivations you had to fulfill the assigned tasks.
  • Actions: Describe in detail what actions you performed to carry on the tasks. Explain to your recruiters why you decided to undertake these actions and what were the alternatives that you discarded.
  • Results: Here you need to elaborate on the results you achieved and whether you managed to resolve the problem you initially faced.

Tell your recruiters also what you learned from your experience. 

If you follow the STAR technique while answering the interviewers’ situational questions, you will sound more organized, persuasive, and clever. To learn more about the STAR interview method, please consult our resources.

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me Pass My Fluor Assessment Tests?

JobTestPrep provides dozens of job recruitment preparation materials, including those for the assessment test. Our comprehensive PrepPacks™ include assessment practice tests, study guides, and more to prepare you for every aspect of the Fluor hiring process.

How Should I Prepare for My Interview?

Interviews are nerve-wracking. You may be an excellent specialist in your field and be a pleasant, helpful person but still fail to convey a favorable impression to your interviewers due to your nervousness. Hence, it will be better to come to your interview well prepared so that you feel ready and confident and do not get easily intimidated and thrown off by challenging questions. To prepare for your interview, read information on the company’s website. Then, review the job description carefully and think how you can present your skills and experiences in a more favorable light. You may also bring hard copies of your résumé, references, or transcripts to your interview. Even if your interviewers do not ask to see them, you will feel more confident having written testimony about your achievements with you on the interview. You will also look more professional in the eyes of your recruiters. To increase your chances of doing well on your interview, check out JobTestPrep’s exclusive interview kit. It contains all necessary materials to enable you to pass your forthcoming interview with unequivocal success.


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