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Firefighter Observation & Memory Test

The observation and memory test is a section on the firefighter written test used to assess your abilities to observe and recall situations, particularly those relevant to firefighting emergencies. In this part,you will be presented with an image and allotted only a short amount of time to study its details. During this time, you may not write down any notes and after the time limit is over, you may not refer back to the image. The observation and memory test questions are then based on the iimage and its specific details.

Importance of Observation & Memory

Firefighters need to be able to observe the most minute details when responding to a fire emergency, as well as accurately remember specific characteristics of burning structures, like the layout of a burning building and its exit points. The  job requires you to commit to memory the proper arrangement of equipment, routes in assigned areas, and department procedures. Good observation and memorization skills can save the lives of firefighters and those they are rescuing.

Firefighter Observation & Memory Test Preparation

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