About the Exam

Darany and Associates is a California based assessment company that provides tests for entry level hiring and promotions for firefighter. The Darany and Associates firefighter exam is called Entry-Level Firefighter Exam. This exam is used for entry level firefighters. The exam was designed to assess your observation, recollection, writing, and reading skills.

Test Format and Content

The Darany Firefighter Exam measures skills needed to be a successful firefighter. You will have two and a half hours to complete the exam. The exam consists of 160 multiple choice questions divided into the below 6 sections.

Following Oral Instructions: This part of the exam is to measure your how well you listen to instructions. The test instructions will be heard through an audio recording. There are 20 questions in this section.
Observation & Memory Skills: This part of the exam you will be shown a picture, which you will get to study for one minute. You will not be allowed to take notes. After studying the picture, you will be asked 30 questions based on the picture.
Reading with Understanding: You will be passages to read. You will be allowed to look back at the information to answer the questions. This part of the exam is not a memory test. There will be 25 questions in this sections.
Mechanical Reasoning Skills: This section of the test was measure your mechanical abilities. There will be 25 questions in this section.
Computational Ability: This section of the test consists of math questions. There will be 20 questions in this section.
Biodata: This section of the test is about you. You will be asked questions about you and your background. The types of questions are typical of one in an interview. They are job related questions. There will be 40 questions in this section.

Darany Firefighter Preparation with JobTestPrep

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