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At JobTestPrep we know that you are looking for the best opportunity to take your career to its next hights. To increase your chances of passing the Fibercom Telecom Phils, Inc hiring process, we will get you ready for your interviews and tests like the Microsoft Excel exam among others. Just worry about getting the job and we will take care of the rest.

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Fibercom Telecom Phils, Inc Interview Prep Questions

There are many aspects to the hiring process and each segment will impact your chances of success. To help prep you for the upcoming interview, here are some questions you should be thinking about.

Goal Question

Where do you see your career in 5 years? Don’t go 5 years into the future and instead stick to short-term goals (1-2 years) when answering this question. Be realistic and speak about how you want to advance within the framework of the current position like taking on responsibility X or becoming a team leader in X months. Also, ask them what they think is a realistic timeline.

Abstract Question

Why should we hire you? So many get lost in this question, but you do not have to. Line up your soft/hard skills with the job description and explain how the company will be able to maximize each of your skill sets. Also, throw in a fact that about yourself, which will provide added value.

Salary Question

What type of salary are you expecting? When answering this question be careful. One the one hand you do not want to low ball, as this will either make you look like a joke or give them the upper hand in the negotiations. On the other hand, you do not want to be unrealistic either. Do research and find your true market value. You can add a couple of percentages for negotiation purposes but do so with discretion.


Fibercom Telecom Phils, Inc Pre-Hire Exams

Depending on the nature of the position you are vying for the company may give you any number of test. Here is one you should watch out for.

Microsoft Excel Test

Many of the tests questions will be in multiple choice format and therefore its imperative that you know as many functions by heart as possible. The test will come in three level include basic, intermediate and advanced. JobTestPrep will provide you with all you need to know to pass the test with confidence.

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