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What's Included

  • 1 Caliper Personality Test
  • 5 Caliper Number Series Test
  • 2 Caliper Figural Series Tests
  • 2 Caliper Figural Analogies Tests
  • 1 Personality Test
  • 11 Reading Comprehension Tests
  • 13 Reading Tables and Graphs Tests
  • 5 Algebra Practice Tests
  • 2 Word Analogy Tests
  • Study Guides
  • Answer Keys


JobTestPrep has a mission to help job applicants to be hired as managers at FedEx. After having conducted exhaustive research on the company’s pre-employment assessment, we designed practice materials that include a wide range of tests: verbal and numerical analysis, tabular and critical reasoning, and word and figural analogy, among others. Our resources will not only improve your verbal and numerical skills but will also teach you how to build an impressive personality profile needed to demonstrate that you can forge productive connections with your co-workers.

To facilitate your learning process still further, JobTestPrep has added to its PrepPack™ detailed study guides and answer keys, which will help you track your progress while you are practicing. Prepare for your pre-employment assessment with our materials and join a vibrant team of project managers, custom clearance managers, and corporate communications specialists at FedEx.

FedEx’s CHAMS Test

JobTestPrep has collected in its sophisticated PrepPack™ tests that will sharpen your verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning skills and will bring you closer to the fulfillment of your ambition to manage different projects and tasks at FedEx. The tests offered in our FedEx PrepPack™ are as follows:

The Numerical Reasoning Test – This test requires job applicants to find answers to a series of questions basing them on facts and figures presented in statistical tables. As a rule, these questions describe situations in which changes occur to people, companies, or objects over a specified period of time. The Numerical Reasoning Test is a multiple-choice assessment, on which you will need to select one answer among several alternatives. A careful examination of tables and graphs is needed to understand subtle differences in given answers and choose the right option among them. Calculators are usually not permitted, but you will be allowed to jot down your calculations on a rough sheet of paper.

The Verbal Reasoning Test – This test is a reliable measurement of job candidates’ ability to understand and draw appropriate logical conclusions from written information. It consists of several passages. After you have carefully read them, you will need to answer questions about the information contained in them. There are four or five alternative answers to each question, only one of which is correct. Topics covered in these texts may not necessarily relate to your field of expertise. The Verbal Reasoning Test is timed. Lest you run out of time before responding to all questions, you may find it helpful to scan questions quickly before you begin to read a given passage. Familiarity with the questions will allow you to zero in on relevant information in the text, while you are reading the passage and will enable you to do your tasks quicker.

The Figural Analogy Test – This test evaluates how well you can reason abstractly and how precisely you can identify similarities among different figures. The format of the test is simple: you will be asked to analyze sets of pairs of figures. Figures A, B, C, and D constitute the Problem Set; figures 1,2,3, and 4 are contained in the Answer Set. To answer a question, you will need to analyze the relationship between given figures in the Problem Set. Then you will be required either to establish similar relations between other figures or identify a missing figure by choosing the right solution from the Answer Set. The Figural Analogy Test is timed and requires from job candidates minute attention to details and a good ability to reason abstractly and rotate objects mentally.  

The Caliper Personality Test – This personality assessment estimates job candidates’ general aptitude for managerial positions. By making a connection between their character traits and productivity, the test tries to predict applicants’ future job performance. The range of cognitive abilities that are assessed on the test is wide. Among these abilities are general intelligence, acquisition of new information and skills, and ability to solve complex tasks and problems. The test also determines whether job candidates possess such traits as assertiveness, flexibility, conscientiousness, empathy, and honesty.  

Scores. Job applicants do not receive points for answering questions on the Caliper Personality Assessment. Their scores will not be calculated after the test has been submitted. This is not to say, however, that flunking the test is impossible. You may fail to be considered for the managerial position at FedEx if your personality profile reveals that you do not have charisma, drive, self-discipline, leadership abilities, and motivations to strive for the best. It is, therefore, worth investing in building an impressive personality profile. If you prepare for the personality test in advance, you will discover the purpose of each question and understand what qualities employers seek in their prospective managers.  

Format. There are different types of questions on the test. Some questions require you to characterize yourself. To do so, you need to choose among four or five closely related adjectives one word that most precisely describes your personality. What is difficult in this task is that all adjectives offered for your selection are positive ones. It is much easier to choose between binary oppositions: you consider yourself either reserved or outgoing. Deciding what positive traits you have in a lesser degree is more challenging. If you think that you possess in equal measure courage, charisma, self-discipline, and vigilance, it may be difficult to estimate which of these traits is more prominent in your personality. If you misevaluate your character, you may create a wrong personality profile and inadvertently negatively influence recruiters’ hiring decision. Note also that sometimes you will be asked to choose an adjective that describes you not most exactly but rather least exactly. It is important not to confuse between these superlative grammatical forms lest accidentally you misrepresent yourself.       

Another type of questions on the Caliper Test contains descriptions of human reactions to specified situations. Job applicants need to rank their own agreement with these reactions on the scale from the strongest support to the weakest one.

There are also tasks on the test that have no apparent solutions. Do not succumb to the feeling of despair or frustration, because these tasks are meant to remain unsolvable. By giving you irresolvable tasks, employers merely want to see how you would behave in challenging, stressful situations. Yet remember that however unsolvable a question seems to be, it is absolutely necessary to answer it. Try to come up with some ingenious response. The problem is that the Caliper Test with blanks simply will not be taken into consideration. Do not make your test invalid and, in so doing, lose the opportunity to compete for a managerial position at FedEx by failing to respond to some questions. Answer all questions on the Caliper Personality Test and open the door to your face-to-face conversation with FedEx’s recruiters.


Start Preparing the Right Way for Your FedEx CHAMS Test

JobTestPrep offers job candidates a comprehensive PrepPack™ that includes all necessary materials with which you can practice for your CHAMS examination at FedEx. Prepared with our resources, you will pass your test with confidence and will become the preferred candidate for a managerial position at FedEx.



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