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Studying and practicing for your upcoming Flight Centre Travel Group pre-hire exams has never been easier than with our PrepPacks™. The information is rich and informative and the format is easily to follow, to don’t wait and get ready to get hired.

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Flight Centre Travel Group Interview and Hiring Process

Each open position will have its own unique interview and hiring process with varying tests. While it would be impossible to outline the process for every position, let’s take a look at one of the most common positions at FCGT – the Travel Sales Consultant.

Travel Sales Consultant Hiring Process and Interview Questions

  • Online Application: Fill out the online application along with your killer resume.
  • Screening Call: During the screening phone call you can expect up to 5 questions to ensure you have a sense of what the position entails and about the company.
  • The Interview: The interview will be conducted in a group format. It will include roleplay and a number of personality questions.
  • Tests: After the interview, you will be asked to complete a number of online tests including math, SJT among various others.

Questions for Travel Sales Consultant Interview

Here are a couple of questions taken from recent interviews at FCGT.

  • Have you ever received a work assignment you did not understand how to complete and how did you deal with it? When answering this question, they want to see how resourceful, be honest and try to include tools have you used to quickly get over a learning curve.
  • Do you see your future at Flight Centre? They want someone who is committed to the company, don’t be over-ambitious, but try to present you projected progress over 5-10 years.

Flight Centre Travel Group Pre-Hire Testing

Here are a few examples of tests that you might expect during the interview process.

Situational Judgement Test

The situational judgment test (SJT) was designed to measure your ability to react appropriately to certain workplace scenarios. During this test, you will be required to rank the responses given for different hypothetical scenarios from most to least effective, or to select the most fitting resolution for each issue. This is most important on the sales industry.

Mathematical Test

Pre-hire math tests help your employer evaluate and assess your ability to efficiently and effectively analyze numerical data. These tests will give insight on your ability to use data in order to solve business-related problems.

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