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Who are Family Services?

Family Services is a non-profit organization headquartered in Gaithersburg, Mariland, that gives service for children and families from difficult backgrounds.

Why Work at Family Services?

Because you would have benefits such as:

Pleasant environment and flexibility Good management
Interesting and dynamic work Potential to advance

What Could You Work at in Family Services?

Among the many open positions all over the U.S., you will find:

Peer Support Specialist in Gaithersburg, MD Care Specialist in Gaithersburg, MD
Recovery Coach/Therapist in Gaithersburg, MD LCSW Clinician in Rhinebeck, NY

How to Prepare for the Recruitment Process at Family Services?

The hiring process could be different for each position. The basic steps are:

  • Application: Apply online.
  • Phone Interview: The HR manager will call you to schedule an onsite interview.
  • Interview: You will have a meeting with the professional manager.
  • Tests: You might be asked to take several exams.

Family Services Aptitude Tests

The assessments required depend on the position you are interested in, and might be:

  • Personality: Yes/No questions about your behavior and characteristics. The goal is to assess your suitability for this role.
  • Situational judgment test (SJT): Gives you various scenarios and conflicts, mostly work-related, for which you are asked to select the best solution.
  • Verbal: Assesses your vocabulary, grammar, as well as understanding and analysis of texts.
  • Abstract (or figural): Evaluates how you make conclusions, using pattern recognition.
  • Excel: Tests your abilities in Excel.
  • Mathematical: Examines your quantitative skills.

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Family Services Interview Questions

Before your interview, we recommend you to prepare answers for questions such as:

  • Why are you interested in working with us?
  • This job is often challenging, and will expose you to difficult situations such as: (examples will be given). How would you handle them?
  • Tell me about a previous project in which you had a significant role.
  • Which qualities make you a prime candidate? 

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