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Prepare for FactSet with JobTestPrep

At JobTestPrep, we put forth a great effort to assist job candidates with their job search. We conduct exhaustive research to offer applicants the best help to pass their tests with high scores. Our carefully designed materials contain test simulations accurately approximating to the tests the FactSet gives to job applicants, thereby familiarizing them not only with tests’ format but also with questions that they are likely to meet on their examination. To increase the productivity of their learning process, we have also added to our PrepPack™ well-composed study guides and answer keys. By consulting our study guides and checking the correctness of their answers, applicants may track their progress and devote more time and attention to those areas where their knowledge is weak. Prepare with our materials and let your high scores on the pre-employment tests open the door to a face-to-face interview with the FactSet’s employers.


Passing FactSet Assessment Tests is within Your Reach

Companies are interested in hiring only the best experts in their fields. To select the best specialists from a rich applicant pool, they offer job candidates difficult tests and ask them tricky questions. Preparing for your pre-employment assessment is of paramount importance, if you want to qualify for the applied position. Start practicing now with JobTestPrep’s materials and land a wished-for position.


FactSet Interview Expectations

Preparation is key to having a successful series of interviews with FactSet. The first type of interview you will likely need to go through with FactSet is the phone interview. This type of interview generally lasts from 10-30 minutes and includes questions regarding your availability, salary expectations, and work history.

If the initial phone interview is successful, you will be invited by FactSet to participate in one or more face-to-face interviews. The face-to-face interviews are either held one-on-one with a member of the management team, or in a group/panel with a mix of managers, HR representatives, and potential co-workers.

Why Does FactSet Use Verbal Assessments During Their Recruitment Process?

Companies often desire candidates who have effective communication skills – both written and verbal. Interviewers use verbal reasoning tests to assess how well an applicant uses verbal logic, as well as how accurately they are able to draw correct meanings from complex written information.

How can I Pass My FactSet Personality Test?

Understanding and familiarizing yourself with the workplace competencies and personality traits desired by FactSet for the open position in their company will give you an advantage over the other candidates who have also applied. JobTestPrep offers a variety of resources to help you with every aspect of the FactSet hiring process.

What Does the SJT Prove?

The test proves that you can clearly communicate and more importantly mediate between colleges and find unique solutions to both every day and more complicated issues in the office and company at large. If you can cope with the pressure, your future employer will know by the end of the test.

Why Is There a Phone Interview?

After receiving your resume, the company now begins the process of weeding out those who might be the right match for the job. They want to put you on the spot to see if you verbal answers match your written resume. The conversation will generally last no longer than 5-10 minutes and they will give you an overview of the position and compensation offered.

What Happens After My Face-To-Face Interview?

If your interviewers are impressed by you during your face-to-face interview and want to offer you a position, they will ask you to take a background and drug check. If it proves positive, you may either have an interview with one or several top managers or be offered the job directly after the result of your background check have arrived.


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