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Emerald Coast Utilities Authority Entrance Exams

Since Emerald Coast Utilities Authority has a tendency of using an outside hiring agency, testing is relatively general. This means there is a broad range of tests that look at each person’s attributes. For example, the verbal test examines one’s comprehension and how well they process written information. Meanwhile, the mathematical aspect of the exam looks at how well you can evaluate and calculate information. The abstract images focus on your IQ and see how well you can view patterns and images. Lastly, the personality and SJT focus on how one works in various situations as well as what motivates them. Each of these results is pooled together to produce an overall score. If Emerald Coast Utilities Authority is happy with your overall score then you will be invited to the company’s headquarters for a last set of interviews with ECUA’s upper management.

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority Hiring Process

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority understand that the right person for the position is critical. They do not want to hire anyone who will not be able to perform effectively. Thus, ECUA typically turns to an outside interview staffing agency to professionally find the correct people for the right positions. Below is a breakdown of what you could expect during the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority application process:

  • Online Resume Submission: On Emerald Coast Utilities Authority’s main website you can create a username which will allow you to regularly check your application status, register for various job alerts, and more.
  • First Email Contact: After you have submitted your application. You will receive an automated email from ECUA telling you that the application has been received and due to be reviewed. Once selected or disqualified, you will also receive a message.
  • Pre-Employment Telephone Screening: As Emerald Coast Utilities Authority uses an outside hiring agency for the interview process, it is unlikely that you will receive a telephone interview call. However, it is always possible. If this is the case, then you can assume that this will be on the brief side to simply gather if you are a subtle person to invest in and send out to an outside interview agency.
  • Assessment Center: The face-to-face interview will be much like the British assessment center. Here you will find yourself interviewed by multiple personnel, take assessment tests to cover basic math, verbal communication, personality, and more. There will also be a time when you partake in group activities such as role-playing, teamwork building – anything that will allude to your level of extrovert.
  • In-house Interview: If Emerald Coast Utilities Authority is happy with your application status, you will likely be invited to the ECUA facility for one last interview. This will be your time to meet the actual staff and ECUA upper-management. Since you underwent extreme testing, the interview should be quick and, likely, you will sign a contract by the end of the day. Congratulations!

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority Interview Questions

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority interview questions likely will be broad. This is because they turn to an outside agency to do the dirty work of the hiring process. This means that it is better to do research on broad interview questions. We recommend using the STAR Method to better formulate answers in a concise manner. Also, for featured articles on each subject matter, you can look at our company’s blog for a more entertaining study. Below are a few sample questions:

  • Q: What was the most difficult situation you had to resolve?

                               A: Questions such as these want to draw upon your level of situational judgment. By answering a question like this one, your interviewer will be able to better grasp how you react under pressure. Moreover, he will understand how you solve situations that push your limits. The purpose to see if you would be a person that they would want to hire and trust.

  • Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

                                A: The interviewer does not expect you to know exactly what will happen in the next few years, he’s simply trying to figure out if your goals fit with the company. If asked this question, it is likely that the company is looking to train and, ultimately, have a seasoned employee of many years to come. Thus, if you are looking for a long career with the company, you have come to the right place. If you’d like to know more information on this topic, check out our blog by clicking here.


The next question is limited to Emerald Coast Utilities Authority that you should carefully consider:

  • Q: Do you smoke?

                                A: If the answer is yes, you may as well look for a new job. Emerald Coast Utilities Authority is a drug-free zone. They are very serious on this notion and will go as far as testing each candidate with nicotine tests.

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