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Hiring Process Echo Solutions Guide

Itching to join Echo Solutions to advance your career? The Echo Solutions hiring process will most likely include an Accounting Test among other pre-hire exams like Microsoft Excel and Data Entry. Let JobTestPrep’s help you outperform the other candidates with our specially customised PrepPacks™.

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Prep Questions for Echo Solutions Interview

Many job candidates only focus on the pre-hire tests, and while that is certainly important, don’t forget about the interview. While the pre-hire tests attest to your skill-sets, the interview will speak volumes of your personality, ability to fit in and trustworthiness as an employee.

Decision Making Questions

If you were asked to make an on the spot decision in regard to a project, how would you go about it? In your answer try to show the hiring manager (or interviewer) that you have the critical thinking skill necessary to make quick and accurate decisions and walk them through the process that you would use. They want someone who can lead and is not just a “yes man.”

Management Questions

How do you go about successfully delegating work? What they are really asking is if you have the insight and foresight to understand the strengths and qualities of your team. Do you know who will work together and why? Moreover, are you a result driven type of person with the leadership skills to get the job done?

Competency Question

Have you directly impacted an increase in company revenue? To be certain, this is not a yes or no answer. The recruiter wants to get insight into your manner of thinking and how you approach things. Can you come up with fresh and innovative ideas based on analytical data to promote the company and its vision?


Echo Solutions Pre-Hire Exams

Depending on the nature of the position you are vying of the company may give you any number of test. Here are a couple of examples. c

Data Entry Test

In this test, you will be asked to enter a wide range of data, including audio, verbal or written into a designated format in a clear and concise fashion. You will also be challenged to cross-reference text for changes and errors.

Accounting Test

The ability to calculate in an organized and transparent manner is crucial to the job. Therefore the Central Bank of Lesotho will employ the accounting test, which will cover your topics and skills, such as: cash flow, Inventory, Provisions, Documentation, Account Balancing and more.

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