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'The test prep was 100% worth it. It got me mentally ready for the various parts (math, reasoning, logic, etc) as well as taking a couple of personality tests and understanding how not to trigger the red flag items like answering too extremely.' 

J. Melt Consultant


How Can JobTestPrep Help?

At JobTestPrep, we focus on bringing job candidates to the successful completion of EAB’s application process. To this end, we have developed close simulations of the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test that the company administers to its prospective employees. With our tests, you will sharpen your various cognitive abilities and familiarize yourself with the test’s format and questions. When you practice with our tests, you will also improve a time record with which you will complete the CCAT on your upcoming examination.

Our carefully designed PrepPack™ also includes interview materials brought together to help you excel on your interview at EAB. Go through our interview resources and discover smart answers to the most frequently asked questions along with tips on how to behave impressively during your interview. If you arm yourself with our smart answers, you will feel yourself confident while talking to recruiters and will certainly impress them with your comportment and self-assurance. Take an opportunity to practice with our materials and start addressing education’s top challenges at EAB.

The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test

This test is a measurement of applicants’ cognitive aptitude and different factors that influence their performance at work. Among the measured abilities are understanding and applying information, learning new skills, thinking critically, and solving problems. To evaluate these abilities more accurately, these abilities on the CCAT are divided into three groups:

  • Math and Logic
  • Verbal Skills
  • Spatial Reasoning

There are overall 50 questions contained in the test, which are unequally divided into these three sections. Time given to applicants to answer 50 questions is strictly limited to 15 minutes. On average, you will have only about 30 seconds to answer each question. Such a short time limit is clearly a challenge. You can respond to it only by preparing for your pre-employment assessment in advance with JobTestPrep’s top-notch resources.

Note that there are two ways to evaluate your results on the CCAT: you either receive a raw score, calculated according to questions that you answered correctly, or a percentile score, calculated in relation to the score of other applicants tested at EAB. It is important to remember that the score calculated according to the scores of others does not point to the number of correctly answered questions. If you receive, say, 75% on your CCAT, this will mean that you have done better than 75% of other job seekers at the company.

Because your results on the test will be measured against the success of other people, it is essential to prepare well for your test. Purchase our practice materials and outperform your competitors on your pre-employment examination.

EAB Personality Test

As part of the recruitment process, you will also complete a personality test. It is important you familiriase yourself with the nautre of this assessment to understand what your answers mediate to your prospective employer. Start practising with the CCAT and Personality Practice Pack and land the job you want.


EAB’s Application Process

After you apply online, you will be contacted to schedule several phone interviews. Your first phone interview will be with a Human Resources representative, immediately followed by another interview with a hiring manager. On these interviews, you will be asked questions about your working experience and other information contained on your résumé. If you are applying for a software developer position or any other position requiring you to use technology, expect also technical questions and questions about basic data structure. If both these interviews go well, you will be asked to take the CCAT. Good scores on the test will open a door for you to a face-to-face interview. As a rule, you will have several in-person interviews at EAB, talking to team leaders and managers of different departments. Some of these interviews may contain a case study and behavioural questions. Prepare also to talk about your education and working experience. You may have up to 6 face-to-face interviews occurring within one day or during a week.

JobTestPrep invests time and energy into developing exact test simulations ensuring your success during your EAB’s application process. Prepare with our PrepPack™ and start making education smarter.  

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