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DrFirst’s Hiring Process

DrFirst provides software solutions for the healthcare industry. Their hiring process is known to be somewhat grueling, so it is recommended that applicants prepare beforehand. Depending on the role you are pursuing in the company the recruitment process may include:

  • Online Application: To begin the application process you will need to go to the DrFirst jobs page and select a position. You will be given the option to apply through an already existing Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or Microsoft account. You will also have the option to apply by registering a profile from scratch directly through DrFirst.
  • Phone Interview: If your application is chosen to progress to the next stage in the hiring process, you may be invited to participate in a phone interview. Phone interviews are used for further screening of candidates to gauge their suitability for the role they have applied for.
  • Pre-Hire Tests: If your phone interview is successful you will be required to take a pre-employment assessment depending on the role you have chosen. Pre-hire assessments will allow recruitment team a deeper understanding of your skills and abilities.
  • In-Person Interviews: Regardless of the position you have applied for, you may need to participate in one or more in-person interviews. These interviews will either be held one-on-one or in a group/ panel format.

DrFirst’s Aptitude Tests

In order to ensure that they are hiring the best and brightest individuals to join their team, DrFirst uses several different psychometric exams during the hiring process. The most common test that applicants will face is the CCAT or Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test. The CCAT is includes questions for math and logic, verbal ability, and spatial reasoning. The CCAT measures your aptitude, problem-solving abilities, skill learning capabilities, and critical thinking skills. The CCAT is often administered in tandem with a personality test.

Although it is often said that personality tests do not have any right or wrong answers, this is no entirely true. A personality test is used to determine the traits that you possess that are in line with the company and position being offered. Certain responses have the ability to negatively affect your overall personality profile and could cost you a job offer if they are not in line with the company’s ideal.

The combination of your resume, CCAT and personality tests scores, as well as your interviews will give the recruitment team at DrFirst a better idea of how well you will fit into the company culture and how quickly you will be able to adapt to and learn your new responsibilities. Our DrFirst PrepPacks™ include extensive practice for not only your CCAT and personality tests but additional practice for mathematical, verbal, and logical reasoning. Prior preparation for each of your DrFirst entrance exam prior to going through their hiring protocols will give you a leg up on other applicants who may have also applied for the same position.



DrFirst’s Interview Process

The interview process with DrFirst can be somewhat arduous regardless of the position you have chosen to pursue. You will often need to participate in more than one interview whether it be conducted in person or over the phone. Our interview PrepPack™ includes expert tips and advice, as well as tools to help you brush up for upcoming interviews.

The topics covered during the interview process include questions regarding your resume and previous experience, as well as those of a behavioral and technical nature. Below you will find just some examples of questions that have been posed to other DrFirst applicants in the past:

  • Why would you like to work at DrFirst?
  • How will your previous experience help you in performing this role?
  • Do you prefer working individually or as a team?

When answering behavioral questions it is best to use the STAR method. This will ensure that your responses remain organized and engaging for your interviewer.


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