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What's Included

  • 10 English comprehension tests
  • One inductive reasoning test
  • Two language tests
  • Four math exercises
  • Four matrices
  • Eight mechanical aptitude tests
  • Two spatial reasoning tests
  • Two calculating tests
  • Immediate online access
  • Secured payment


Prepare for the DPR Aptitude Test

Prepare for the Department of Petroleum Resource (DPR) aptitude test with JobTestPrep's resources which include dozens of practice tests, hundreds of sample questions, detailed answer explanations, efficient solving tips and methods, and user-friendly score reports. Start preparing today to not only ace the exam, but understand the material, and ensure your success.

Department of Petroleum Resource (DPR) Aptitude Test

The test that you are required to take contains the following test sections: 

  • Reading comprehension 
  • Shape series
  • Shapes 
  • Math calculations
  • Related pair of words or phrases
  • Sentence completion 
  • General knowledge of history
  • Mechanical questions

What is The The Department of Petroleum Resource?

The Department of Petroleum Resource (DPR) is a department under the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources (FMPR). They are responsible for the exploration and importation of petroleum products. The DPR also oversees the safety and other regulations that relate to the exportation and importation of the products. 

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