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What is a 911 Dispatcher Test

Dispatcher tests are one of the primary hiring filtering systems used to distinguish who should be hired or not. Versions of this test are seen throughout the US. While the test varies depending on your state and even county, there are overlapping subject matters. They include but are not limited to deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, typing, written comprehension, and memory recall to list a few.

Types of 911 Dispatcher Tests

911 dispatchers are found in every state throughout the US. Thus, it is no wonder that the dispatcher test varies depending on your city and state. On our website we offer mock simulations for:


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Criticall Dispatcher Test

The Criticall test is layered with multiple subjects shown in different ways, trying to accurately detect what you would do in the given situation. This exam includes decision making questions, memory recalls, map reading, spelling, and more.


Criticall Exam - Comparing and Checking Sample Question:

Sample Question


CA Transit Bureau
1997 Premium FreePass ticket sales:

San Francisco   12,256
Los Angeles  16,265
San Diego 2,556


CA Transit Bureau
1997 Premium Free-Pass ticket sales:

San Fransisco 12,256
Los Angeles 16,265
San Diego 2,566

The number of errors in the COPY when compared to the ORIGINAL is:



See Explanation

Mistakes are marked in Bold.


CA Transit Bureau
1997 Premium FreePass ticket sales:

San Francisco   12,256
Los Angeles  16,265
San Diego 2,556


CA Transit Bureau
1997 Premium Free-Pass ticket sales:

San Fransisco 12,256
Los Angeles 16,265
San Diego 2,566

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911 Dispatcher Test

911 Dispatcher Test: While it’s a massive benefit to know which dispatcher test you will take, sometimes it simply is not possible. This particular test covers the basics to familiarize you with different question types that can appear on any dispatcher test throughout the US. For example, you will find a coding/decoding information test, following directions on a map, problem sensitivity questions, personality tests, and more.


Dispatcher Test- Coding Practice Sample Question:

Sample Question

Firemen arrived at 113 Sterling Rd and found 4 people in a house. Everyone was evacuated safely. How will this incident be coded? 

See Explanation
First three digits of address 113 113 Sterling Rd

Capital letter for number of people
in building

D 4
Lower case letter for number of people
 safely evacuated 
d 4

The correct code is 113Dd.

Answers A and B can immediately be eliminated as they are not in the correct format. The code must start with 3 digits and end with lower case letters.

If we now examine the remaining answer choices, C and D, we will notice that the only difference between them is the lower case letter which codes the number of people evacuated safely. Since we are told that all 4 people were evacuated safely, and according to the chart d=4, answer C must be the correct answer.

Notice that this can also be answered even without referring back to the chart. Since everyone who was in the building was evacuated safely, the lower case and upper case letters must be the same. Since answer C is the only answer choice in the correct format in which the lower case and upper case letters are the same, it must be the correct answer.

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California - POST Entry-Level Dispatcher Exam

California’s specific dispatcher test has 11 separate tests that evaluate 4 different areas of aptitude. The tests includes language tests, reading comprehension, oral comprehension, setting priorities, speech recognition, and more.


POST Entry-Level Dispatcher Exam - Reading Comprehension Sample Question:

Sample Question

São Paulo’s economy has done well in Brazil’s recent boom years and it is still much bigger, but Rio’s is growing faster, boosted by oil discoveries and winning its bid to host the 2016 Olympics.
Last year Rio received $7.3 billion in foreign direct investment—seven times more than the year before, and more than twice as much as São Paulo. Prime office rents in Rio are now higher than anywhere else in the Americas, north or south, according to Cushman and Wakefield, a property consultancy.

According to the passage, in the past Sao Paulo's economy used to grow:


See Explanation

The correct answer is D.

The passage does not mention what the growth rate of both cities was in the past.
It only mentions that recently Rio's economy has been growing faster.
Therefore, (D) is the correct answer choice.

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NYPD 911 Operator Exam

NYPD Operator Exam Find a mock simulation for the NYPD Operator position.
This test covers written comprehension, written expression, memorization, sensitivity problems, deductive reasoning, and more.


NYPD 911 Operator Exam Restatements Practice Sample Question:

Sample Question

A Mediterranean climate is characterized by hot, dry summers and relatively mild winters.

A) Hot summers and cold winters are uncharacteristic of a Mediterranean climate.
B) Mild winters, as opposed to hot, dry summers, characterize the climate of some Mediterranean countries.
C) Summers that are hot and dry, with winters that are mild, are characteristic of Mediterranean climate.
D) The weather of Mediterranean countries shifts between hot summers and mild winters.

See Explanation

The correct answer is C.

Answer A describes hot summers as "uncharacteristic".
Answer B uses the word opposed implying that "hot, dry summers" do not characterize the climate. It also refers to only "some" of the countries.
Answer D implies that these are the only seasons in the Mediterranean countries.

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Stages to the Dispatcher Selection Process

Upon completion of the 911 dispatcher test there are still a few more steps to take before you can begin the job:

  • Interview: If your resume is accepted, you will be asked to participate in an in-house interview.
  • Background Check: Background checks are often done by the FBI. You can find a listing of their local offices online.
  • Drug Test: Next you will have to take a drug test.
  • Psychological Evaluation: Following the background and drug checks, you will be asked to participate in a psychological evaluation.
  • Hire: Congratulations, at this point, you likely will be hired and placed in a school to learn more tips and tricks about being a dispatcher.

Other Features Included in the 911 Dispatcher Test

There are several sections of the 911 dispatcher exam. As previously discussed, each county, city, or institute uses their own version of the test.
However there are always common subjects that carry over. They are:

  • Deductive Reasoning: Here you will make decisions for specific situations. The decisions will be based off rules and protocols you consider true.
  • Inductive Reasoning: Given that dispatchers must sort through groups of information and react accordingly; this section of the exam allows the applicant to sort through similar scenarios displaying how they would react in a given situation.
  • Typing: In most cases, at some point during your assessment testing day you will be required to take a typing test. Depending on where you are applying you may have to score 30-45 words per minute, with an 80-90% accuracy rate. You can begin practicing by clicking here.
  • Written Comprehension: Your English comprehension, spelling, grammar structure, syntax, and punctuation will be put to the test. This is set in place since, as a dispatcher, you will have to read policies and procedures for the job.
  • Memory Recall: In this test you will be asked to type out a verbal dictation of numbers and/or letters. Pay attention to the instructions. Sometimes the letters will be capitalized over lowercase.


How can I become a 911 dispatcher?

Check out your local police website and look for listings. It will also help to have held a customer representative telephone position in the past. This prior position will allow you to be familiar with dealing with people over the phone in a variety of situations.

What education is needed to be a 911 dispatcher?

While you can become a dispatcher without a college education, most dispatchers have at least an associate’s degree or higher in public safety. Thus, if you have additional training beyond high school, you have a stronger chance of successfully obtaining the job.

What is a 911 dispatcher salary?

Dispatcher salaries vary depending on your state. While the average dispatcher makes $30,000 a year, there are States that pay as low as, $21,000. After many years of service, you may see your salary increase to over $50,000.

What is a public safety dispatcher?

A public safety dispatcher is a police dispatcher, a fire dispatcher, or an emergency medical dispatcher.

Is the exam the same for a police dispatcher and an emergency medical dispatcher?

 The police dispatcher test is similar to an emergency medical dispatcher test. The only difference is that on the police dispatcher test the questions may include more police terms, whereas the emergency medical dispatcher test contains more medical terms.

Do public safety telecommunicators need to take different tests?

A public safety telecommunicator is also referred to as a public safety dispatcher, which means the exam will be the same.

What is the difference between an emergency dispatcher and a public safety dispatcher?

There is no difference between an emergency dispatcher and a public safety dispatcher, as sometimes emergency dispatchers are also referred to as emergency medical dispatchers.

what are the First Steps to be a 911 Dispatcher?

The job of 911 dispatcher is far from easy. Did you know that every year across the US 240 million people call in with an emergency? Thus, it’s critical to bring in the brightest to help sort out miss-dials, how to administer CPR, the reporting of robberies, and more. A good way to begin your journey to becoming a dispatcher is to contact your local police precincts to see which office you would like to work in. You can then request to speak to currently employed dispatchers and ask about their experience. This will not only present you with an opportunity to learn more about the job and the requirements to obtain it, but will also introduce you to the staff, giving them more of a reason to hire you.



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How to prepare for the 911 Dispatcher Interview?

Before attending your 911 dispatcher interview, it may help if you invent troublesome situations and roleplay them with friends. Likely, during your interview you will be presented with various scenarios asked how you would respond to each. Another way to prepare for your interviews is to conduct research by looking on websites such as YouTube to find real calls and respond accordingly. Lastly, reading study materials found on your chosen police precinct’s main website will give you further insight on what to expect. Below are a few common interview questions you could encounter:

  • From your understanding of the position, what do you think this job entails?
  • Do you feel comfortable with working under pressure and multi-tasking?
  • How would you respond to a caller who uses strong profanity?
  • What personal skills can you use to help you succeed in the position?
  • Tell us your favorite aspects and dislikes from your current job.
  • How do you feel about job flexibility, rotating your hours, weekends, holidays, and mandatory overtime?


Dispatcher test mission impossible

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