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Delaware Police Exams

Each police exam represents a minimum standard that must be met in order for you to continue in the selection process. Each department may choose which exam they require you to take. You will need to check with your department to see which exam they require. Different departments may use the same exam. Below is a list of Delaware police departments and their exams.


To become a part of the Dover state police you must take the IPMA-HR police officer entry level exam. This exam tests your skills in Observation and Memory, Ability to learn police material, Situational Judgment and Problem Solving and Verbal and Reading Comprehension. The test contains 100 multiple-choice questions. You will have 2 hours and 10 minutes to complete the exam, which includes a study booklet, which you will have to memorize to answer questions on the exam.


To become a police officer in Milton, you will need to pass a written test. This test measures your abilities in basic math, reading comprehension and spelling/grammar.

Basic Math: This section you will need to find key information in charts to perform basic calculations such as addition, subtraction and multiplication and percentages to solve word problems; and perform basic calculations relating to distance.

Reading Comprehension: You will need to answer questions based on information provided in a passage. You will also have to compare the passage with information provided in a chart or report and be able to apply definitions of terms provided to situations described in questions.

Spelling/Grammar: In this section you will have to identify correct spelling of common words and choose a word or words that complete a sentence, applying correct grammar and word usage.

State Trooper

To become a Delaware State Trooper you need to take the Delaware State Police Entry-Level Trooper Examination. You will be required to take the Law Enforcement Ability Battery (LEAB) developed by EB Jacobs. The LEAB consists of three test components: the Ability Test, the Work Styles Questionnaire, and the Life Experience Survey. You will have 2 hours to complete the exam.


The Wilmington police dept. requires you to take a Written Test. The test will consist of four sections: Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Incident Report Writing. You must achieve a score of at least 70% to continue in the hiring process.

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