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Practice for the Datto Hiring Process

Datto is an advanced provider of all-inclusive backup, recovery and business continuity solutions used by a multitude of Managed Service Providers around the world. They work under Vista Equity Partners, their parent organization, and offer recoverability. Datto has headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut and also has offices in Rochester, Boston, Portland, Toronto, London, Singapore and Sydney. Since they are growing so fast, they are seeking to hire talented and passionate employees. They are also seeking top students to become part of their team in the Datto internship program.

Read about the Datto recruitment process below:

Application: The application process can be accomplished by submitting a form online and attaching your resume. You can also apply with a recruiter or through an employee referral.

Telephone Interview: An HR representative may call you over the phone as the first part of the interview stage. This phone call filters out unsuitable candidates by evaluating their character and skills.

In-Person Interview: You will then be asked to come in for in-person interviews. Each phase of the interview may differ based on some factors. You may also face panel or one-on-one interviews.

Tests: Various pre-employment tests are utilized for the purpose of measuring your cognitive and technical abilities. Tests may be given out online or as written assessments on site.


Datto’s Caliper Test Process

Psychometric tests consist of aptitude exams which rate candidates’ responses and provide employers with scores displaying their level of suitability for the position. The Caliper Personality test shows how applicants’ qualities relate to their potential success in the workplace. This test is not a pass or fail and aims to assess one’s overall strengths and values. This assessment test also consists of true and false questions with five options of answers, such as "strongly agree", "neutral", or "strongly disagree."

The core skills which the Caliper personality test accentuates are candidates’ leadership, interpersonal, problem-solving, and time-management skills. Each of these traits are valued as characteristics found in ideal employees. Companies may also give out additional aptitude exams, such as the mathematical, verbal, and abstract reasoning tests. Each test assesses candidates’ knowledge and cognitive abilities in a variety of subjects.

Datto Interview Questions

The Datto interview can be performed one-on-one or in a group/panel setting. Interview methods vary depending on the career being applied for. Behavioral, competency, or technical questions may be asked throughout the process. Practicing is highly advised when aiming to perform well and give over a good impression.

Example interview questions are:

  • Why are you interested in Datto?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What is prototyping in JavaScript?
  • What are your overall career goals?
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