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Practice for the Daifuku Hiring Process

Founded in 1983, Daifuku is the top supplier of material handling systems and industrial automation equipment. They have three divisions which include their manufacturing and distribution, automotive, and cleanroom segments. They are looking to hire passionate and innovative employees to join the Daifuku team. There are a variety of available career opportunities, such as project manager, accounting, and engineering positions. Additionally, the Daifuku internship program offers a unique learning experience that will prepare individuals for their future career.

The step-by-step recruitment process is detailed below:

Application: You can go through the Daifuku application process online, with a recruiter, or through an employee referral. You are also expected to submit their CV as well.

Telephone Interview: An HR recruiter may conduct an interview with you over the phone. This stage is used to screen out individuals who they decide aren’t suitable.

In-Person Interview: Afterwards, you will be asked to come in for in-person interviews, with an employee or a panel.

Tests: Psychometric exams may be part of Daifuku’s hiring process. You will be asked to take aptitude tests so that employers can evaluate your cognitive abilities and personality.

The Daifuku Aptitude Test Process

Applicants may be asked to take online or written pre-employment tests. Skills assessed include mathematical, verbal, and abstract reasoning abilities. Each score provides an in-depth evaluation of one’s arithmetical capabilities, comprehension of written passages, and factual decision-making skills. Ramsay’s mechanical test is an aptitude test which measures one’s knowledge of mechanical and physical concepts.

Additionally, the situational judgement (SJT) test and personality assessments display candidates’ behaviors and personality. Compatibility for the job is evaluated using one’s replies to both past and present scenarios which require solving a challenge. Practicing for these tests can allow candidates to build their personality profile.

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Daifuku Interview Questions

Practicing for the interview process is similar to the process of getting ready for assessment tests. Revising what you want to say before the interview can help you feel prepared and poised. Some questions may be competency-based which uses the theory that applicants’ actions and traits give an awareness of their upcoming success. The STAR method may be used to answer these questions.

Some interview questions which are likely to be asked are:

  • Give me an example of a time you defused and handled a difficult situation.
  • Why did you apply for Daifuku?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Describe a time when you worked with a team.
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