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The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) is a general pre-employment aptitude test that measures a candidate's aptitude, problem-solving abilities, skill learning capabilities, and critical thinking. CCAT is known to have a high correlation with various cognitive aptitude tests, for instance, the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT).

If you are looking for the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test please see our admissions tests preparation site.


What "The Atlantic" Says About Our CCAT Test

Testing is sufficiently widespread today that a cottage industry has developed to help people prepare; perusing the site of one such firm, JobTestPrep, I saw sample exams for jobs at Amazon, Ford, UPS, and others. Like Vista, many companies now subject not only entry-level applicants but also managers to testing…The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, for instance, measures problem-solving, critical thinking, learning ability, and attention to detail…I signed up with JobTestPrep and took a sample of the CCAT online.

Frank Partnoy, The Atlantic


How Is the CCAT Constructed?

The CCAT test consists of 50 questions and has a 15-minute time limit. If it sounds impossible to you, don't worry, very few people manage to finish the entire test within the time limit. The CCAT has many different types of questions in the categories - math, logic, verbal ability, and spatial/abstract reasoning. Throughout the test, all topics are mixed together, and the questions' difficulty increases as you advance. 

CCAT Test Results

CCAT scores are determined by a raw score, which is simply the number of questions answered correctly. This score can be translated into a percentile in order to indicate the examinee's result compared to others. The raw score is comprised of three sub-category results - math and logic questions, verbal ability questions, and spatial reasoning questions.

Each position has a suggested range of raw scores, and once your score is within that suggested range, it means that you are competent for the position.

Who Uses Criteria CCAT?

Below is a table of the most popular companies, organizations, and positions that were required to successfully pass the Criteria CCAT. Outscore the competition with JobTestPrep's PrepPacks™ and ensure your success today.

Company Positions
Vista Equity Partners CEO/CFO, management & VP
Crossover Product manager, VP/SVP, and management
Tibco Managerial, sales & finance
Relias Learning Technology, consultants & engineers
Infoblox Managerial, marketing & sales
Misys Project manager, sales & account executive
Telarix  Sales, administration & managers
Mitratech Engineer and tech support
Active Network Analyst, marketing, VP and managerial positions
Cvent Software, automation, and network engineer
Access Group Management, marketing, development
Vertafore Analyst, manager, development 

It's important to note that while these companies are known to use the CCAT, they may also require candidates to take other assessments, sit for interviews, or participate in group exercises. If you are required to take a personality test along with the CCAT assessment, our CCAT+Personality PrepPack™ is just for you.

What Is Criteria?

Criteria provides online pre-employment assessment services. In addition to the numerous tests Criteria offers, its main leading product is HireSelect, a software that combines many of its assessment services to supply an effective solution for employee selection. HireSelect includes aptitude, skills, and personality tests, among which is the CCAT.

Criteria was established in 2006 and provides for customers in 18 countries around the world.

CCAT Online Test Preparation

Begin your journey toward success with JobTestPrep's CCAT PrepPack™. Start practicing for the CCAT with our sample questions, full-length online CCAT practice tests, comprehensive answer explanations, and detailed score reports. All of our resources are aimed at helping you obtain the job you're after. Start preparing today to ensure your success.  

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