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What Is the CCAT?

The CCAT (Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test) is one of the most common pre-employment tests on the market. It is intended to assess your learning capacity, critical thinking and ability to solve problems.

The test contains 50 multiple-choice questions to be solved in 15 minutes, and consists of questions in 3 topics:

  • Math and logic
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Verbal

For a more detailed overview of CCAT content, sample questions, and tips.

CCAT Preparation – Why Picking Tailored over Generic

Since you’re already here, you probably know that it’s important to practice before you take the CCAT.

Awesome. It’s good that we start on the same page here…

And yet, HOW should one prepare for the CCAT is no less of an issue than whether to prepare or not.

There are basically two methods of preparation for the CCAT – the generic practice and the tailored practice


Generic CCAT Preparation

CCAT generic practice material is designed with the general concepts of the test in mind. It will promise you to “measure the same skills the CCAT does” or to “strengthen your verbal/numerical reasoning”.

In most cases, such generic CCAT practice material will be priced relatively low, oftentimes even offered for free.

But let’s be honest: at the end of the day, we’re not here to strengthen our reasoning skills.

We’re here to pass the CCAT.

Research has shown that practicing cognitive tasks is effective only when simulating the actual task you’re expected to take. That is why generic cognitive practice has very little to no effect whatsoever on cognitive test scores.

That’s where the CCAT tailored practice comes in.


Tailored CCAT Preparation

CCAT-tailored practice material is designed with the actual test in mind. It will prepare you for the CCAT and ONLY for the CCAT. It will include:

  • Only question types appearing on the actual CCAT – so that you practice the actual task at hand.
  • CCAT simulations – 50 questions, 15 minutes – so that you know how to properly manage your time on the test day.
  • Question frequency similar to the CCAT (44% math and logic, 34% verbal, 22% spatial) – so that you put your effort on the right spots.
  • Dozens of extra CCAT-style questions - so that you know how to solve CCAT questions before you even saw them.
  • Explanations of common tricks and methods specific to the CCAT – so that you cut down on your solving time.

That is what we do here at JobTestPrep.


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We Know Our Stuff

Your CCAT PrepPack™ wasn’t like the real thing?

You get your money back. Clean and simple.


Even Criteria Corp., the developer and provider of the CCAT, is aware of that fact, as Frank Partnoy reports on The Atlantic:


signed up with JobTestPrep and took a sample of the CCAT online. (Criteria cautioned me that although the style of sample questions is likely similar to actual CCAT questions, the company does not endorse the sample exam.)


Visit this page to take the same taste of the CCAT Frank took.

What Customers Think


Spot On

the test prep allowed me to understand what was being asked on some types of questions. it definitely raised my score from strategy as well as understanding question formats.


Walter, applied to a VP position at Vertafore


Excellent Preparation

The sample timed tests were so similar in style to the actual test, it made taking the real CCAT a breeze.


Kevin, applied to a customer success analyst position at Allocate Software


Good solid prep tool

Diagnostic test was a bit scary, but the practice tests were an accurate reflection of the actual CCAT.


Christopher, applied to a CFO position at Applause

Applying to Vista Equity Partners or Crossover?

Around 20% of our CCAT PrepPack™ customers are! If you are, too, we've made a designated PrepPack™ for you.

Check out the Vista Equity Partners CCAT PrepPack™

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Cover Yourself for the Next Stage

Many employers will require you to go through a personality profiling test after you pass the CCAT.

That's why we've packed both the tailored CCAT practice AND personality profiling practice to a single CCAT Premium PrepPack™, with no additional cost!

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