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What's Included

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Nine full-length Wonderlic-style tests
  • Five 50-question and four 30-question practice tests
  • A complete Wonderlic study guide – 56 pages of tips on how to solve each type of questions quickly
  • Extra practice drills in logical reasoning, language competence, number series, and graph reasoning and patterns
  • All questions types seen on the real test
  • Fully detailed score reports and explanations


Our ComPsych PrepPack™ was specifically designed to assist you with your pre-employment process. It includes several Wonderlic tests and drills that will sharpen your mathematical, linguistic, and problem-solving skills. Practicing with our materials will enable you to spot your weaknesses and understand what extra exercises you need to do to improve. Prepare for your Wonderlic test and interviews with our help and turn your plans to work at ComPsych into reality. 

ComPsych Hiring Process

The evaluation of applicants’ suitability for applied positions unfolds in several steps.

  • After you have applied online and attached your résumé, you have a phone interview with the company’s recruiter which lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. In this interview, the recruiter will ask you about your educational and professional background, working experience, and motivations to work at ComPsych. 
  • Another interview follows shortly either on Skype, Facetime, or by phone. This time you will talk with your prospective director or manager. You will be asked about your work experience and qualities that recommend you for a job at ComPsych. If you applied for positions such as a Java Developer or Virtual System Engineer, you will need to answer technical questions. If you are looking for a position at a Call Center, you may also be invited to hold a mock call session, where your interlocutor will pretend to be a customer inquiring about ComPsych’s services.
  • The third interview is held face-to-face at ComPsych’s office in Chicago, IL. But before you speak to anybody, you will take the Wonderlic assessment. ComPsych employers use this test to gauge the relative intelligence of its prospective employees. It is composed of 50 questions, which you need to answer within 12 minutes.
  • After your Wonderlic test, you will meet with your future managers. You will talk with them about your job responsibilities, your expertise, and how you might benefit the company. Applicants for engineering positions should expect to answer more technical questions.

Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test

Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test also referred to as the Wonderlic Personnel Test, is a measure of job applicants’ ability to acquire knowledge, solve problems, and understand instructions. There are 50 questions on the test, which you are required to answer within 12 minutes. This means that you have only about 14 seconds per each question.

Questions posed in the test broadly evaluate your knowledge in mathematics and language, together with your logic and general knowledge. The math section consists of questions that cover analogies, finding similarities, number series, error detecting, and complex mathematical problems. The language section measures your vocabulary, knowledge of grammar and sentence structures, and your idiom proficiency.  A percentage division of 50 questions are as follows:

  • Math Questions – 40%
  • Language Questions – 40%
  • Logic Questions – 10%
  • General Knowledge Questions – 5%
  • Clerical Questions – 5%

Although the mathematical, linguistic, or logical questions on the Wonderlic test may be difficult for some people, the real challenge is the short time limit. To pass your Wonderlic assessment successfully, you need to think quickly, analyze questions well, and make right decisions under strict time constraints. You will sharpen your cognitive qualities and, in so doing, improve your Wonderlic test scores, only if you practice with JobTestPrep's all-inclusive materials. Go over our tests and drills, study guides, detailed answer explanations, solving tips, and score reports to ensure your success in the hiring process.

ComPsych Interview Questions

ComPsych’s hiring process is complex. You have several interviews, two of which are conducted through the phone, Skype, or, occasionally, through Facetime. If you score high on your Wonderlic test, you will be invited for one or two face-to-face interviews with the company’s managers. Questions asked in these interviews are mostly competency-based. They are designed to measure your qualifications for your desired position. If you applied for such positions as a Java Developer or Virtual System Engineer, be prepared to respond to technical questions as well. If you want a job as a Web Content Specialist, you may be tested in Microsoft Windows and VMware, too. Some of the questions asked in actual interviews at ComPsych are below.

  • How do you handle disagreements or critique in the workplace?
  • What is your ideal type of manager?
  • Why would you be a good fit for this position?  
  • What are your current job duties and how do they relate to your applied position?
  • Why do you want to work for ComPsych?
  • How do you handle stresses in the workplace?
  • What is your greatest weakness?
  • What do you know about Active Directory?
  • What is an EJB? What method starts a new transaction for an EJB?
  • What is a join?

It is advisable to think these and similar questions through before you speak to ComPsych representatives. Formulating clear answers to them will help you sound composed, confident, and professional in your interviews. Also, brush up your knowledge of technical elements, if you compete for a designer or web developer positions. To impress your recruiters even further, read about ComPsych and its objectives.

About ComPsych Corporation

ComPsych is a company that provides employee assistance programs (EAP). Its services include behavioral health, wellness, work-life, HR, FMLA, and absence management, among others, and are used by clients world-wide. ComPsych’s consultative staff consists of behavioral specialists, coaches, attorneys, financial experts, and wellness professionals. The company is headquartered in Chicago, IL, but has offices also in Tokyo, London, Madrid, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and São Paulo. Its calling centers are located not only in these cities, but also in New Delhi, Mexico City, and Hato Rey. ComPsych Corporation’s revenue, in 2016, was $471.6 million. Its employees’ annual salaries range from US$30,000 to US$100,000. A Customer Service Representative earns $31,846; an Account Manager’s wage averages $64,466; a Senior Java Developer’s annual income is $99,404.

JobTestPrep’s sophisticated practice materials contain every piece of information you need to score high on your Wonderlic pre-employment assessment and make a lasting impression upon ComPsych’s managers. Start practicing with JobTestPrep’s ComPsych PrepPack™ to get a head start on the competition.

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