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Prepare for the Codelco Hiring Process

Codelco is state-owned and is also known as Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile, is one of the top producers of copper and controls about 122 million tons of copper reserves and mining. Codelco sells to diverse units, such as multinational leaders LG, Outokumpu, Southwire, and Wieland Werke. It is a large manufacturer of molybdenum and has development partners on various projects, including the Mexican miner Industrias Peñoles and the Canadian gold producer Barrick.

Below is a description of the Codelco recruitment process:

Application: When starting the Codelco application process, candidates can apply online by filling out the form and providing answers on their resumes, describing their relevant work experience. Other ways of applying are with an employee referral or a recruiter.

Telephone Interview: At the start of the interview process applicants may receive a phone call from an HR recruiter. They will be asked about prior experience and be informed about the position’s requirements.

In-Person Interview: Interview styles vary based on the role candidates applied for. Face-to-face sessions can be performed as personal or group interviews. Codelco questions may be constructed based on behavioral and technical approaches.

Tests: Employers often conduct psychometric entrance exams throughout the hiring process when evaluating applicants’ skills, cognitive abilities, and technical knowledge. Companies use these assessments to find qualified applicants for available positions.


Codelco’s CCAT Test

The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) is an aptitude exam encompassing which assesses one’s problem-solving abilities, cognitive knowledge, and critical reasoning skills. The CCAT preparation test consists of various topics, such as logical, mathematical, verbal, and spatial reasoning. Each exam is timed to provide precise score reports of how candidates perform. The CCAT aptitude tests evaluate one’s raw score, taking the number of questions answered correctly from tests such as the mathematical, logical, and verbal exams.

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Codelco Interview Questions

There is no doubt that one’s poise, body language, and confidence will make a lasting impression throughout the Codelco interview. Assessors evaluate applicants based on how they express themselves and display their technical knowledge. For this reason, it is crucial that applicants prepare sufficiently according to the position’s requirements and the company’s standards.

Some interview questions that may be asked are:


    • Why Codelco?
    • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
    • What are your career goals?
    • Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Codelco Subsidiaries
Chile Copper Ltd BioSigma S.A. Isapre Chuquicamata Ltda. EcoMetales Limited
Inversiones Mejillones 2 S.A. SCM Los Andes Inversiones Copperfield SCM Chile S.A.



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