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Applying for a job at CliftonLarsonAllen can be daunting. Let JobTestPrep prepare you with an extensive selection of Kenexa-style practice tests that you will not find anywhere else. Get ready for test day with our customized questions, detailed answer explanations, tips, study guides, and comprehensive score reports.

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The Hiring Process

The company presents job seekers with a wide range of professional possibilities from audit and assurance associates to technical analysts and accounting specialists among others. To help you get a sense of what you are up against, let’s take a brief overview of a recent hiring and interview process at CliftonLarsonAllen.

  • Application: The application will be done online and will include your resume and other questions for the purpose of shortlisting applicants.
  • First Behavioural Interview: This first interview will last around 30 minutes and is very basic in nature. Sometimes these are conducted as group interviews, so you should prepare for that eventuality as well.
  • Second Stage of Interviews: Now that you have been shortlisted you will be invited for a full day of interviews and lunch with the staff. Keep in mind that the lunch is as important as the formal interview. They will be watching to see how you interact and how personable you are. The rest of the day will be broken up into 4 interviews at 30 minutes each. While these will be behavioral in nature, each session will focus a different aspect. These are leadership, time-management, involvement, and future to help ensure that you are a well-rounded candidate for consideration.


Interview Question Samples

Here is one sample question from each interview segment along with an idea of how to answer the question.

Leadership Interview Question


  • Q: Give an example of a failed leader?
  • A: Talk about lack of giving and accepting feedback, failing to understand organizational goals, failure to implement policies or amend them when necessary.


Time-Management Interview Question


  • Q: How do you meet your deadlines?
  • A: The best way to answer this question is to use the STAR method. First, focus on this situation/task and making sure you have all the relevant detail and context. Second, you want to focus on what actions you will take for moving the project forward. Third, you want to study the results and understand how every member of the team contributed to finishing the project in a timely and professional manner.


Involvement Interview Question


  • Q: If you were a manager how would you ensure the involvement and full motivation of your staff?
  • A: As part of your answer, talk about setting goals, daily communication, weekly staff meetings, one-on-one lunch meetings and requesting, accepting and granting positive feedback.


Future Interview Question


  • Q: Where do you see your career headed in five years time.
  • A: This is always a tough one to answer, but you want to give them a realistic expectation for your career. Say you are working right now as a technical analyst, tell them that over the next five years you want to begin expand into leadership roles incrementally. That you expect to become an expert in the field and help the company advance their goals.


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